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Children generally possess an intuitive sense of humor and irony. They live in a world in which the mundane and the magical; the word and the sound are nearly equivalent and are embodied in their very life-force. Indeed, children seem to dance and play their way into the world.

I tend to favor those books composed for very young children that successfully manage to combine wit, playfulness and originality of imagination. Children also appear to possess a natural muse-ical instinct or a sense of the power of rhythm in which their contact with the world is internalized. These are the reasons why I believe that books by such authors as Dr. Seuss have been so successful, why they have endured and why so many of the so-called "celeb" children's books authored by entertainers and politicians fail so miserably with their intended audience.

Add to this richness of tone and rhythm in books created for older children and young adults an additional dimension of perspective, insight and dynamic interaction that reflects experiences that correspond to the world so characteristic of that stage of life and one then becomes spectator to the peculiar alchemy that drives the child's curiosity and natural inclination for social problem solving. How many teachers as well as would-be authors have discovered the error of underestimating the child's ability to comprehend the surreal, the satirical or to follow a philosophical argument, provided it is presented within a context that simulates their personal world.

Aye! And that is the genius of the truly gifted author (or teacher)!

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