Billy Buford Belvedere Blue

by Christopher B. Matthews

kid covered in paint

Billy Buford Belvedere Blue was a boy in the neighborhood everyone knew.

He’s the tall kid that’s dirty with knots in his hair, he smells kind of funny but he doesn’t care.

His mother and father work hard all week long to give Billy the tools that will help him grow strong.

He lies on the sofa while chores pile up , not a clean dish around not a spoon, not a cup.

There are toys on the floor and his bed is not made, and he hasn’t bathed once in a month I’m afraid.

The next school year when first class began, kids laughed at poor Billy till home Billy ran.

When he got to his house and he opened the door Billy swore to himself this would happen no more.

He cleaned and he scrubbed till the chores were all through, he then brushed his teeth then his hair with shampoo.

He put on clean clothes and a dash of cologne and his parents were thrilled when they walked in their home.

When he went back to school he made friends right away. He was proud of himself and is clean to this day.

Now he’s liked and he’s loved, he’s handsome and kind and the lazy OLD Billy never crosses his mind.

I've told you this story and swear that it’s true about CLEAN Billy Buford Belvedere Blue.

The End

Copyright Christopher B. Matthews 2010

The author lives in Arkansas, USA.

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