Illustrator with Animation Background

by Leo Antolini
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Lion Lecturing

Lion Lecturing

Fun Children's Book Illustrator with Animation Background

Hey there! My name is Leo Antolini; I´m an illustrator with a background in animation. I´ve worked at several animation studios as character designer, background artist, storyboard artist and even director! I have a BFA in Character Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

As somebody with a background in animation and cartoons, my art is wacky, colorful, fun and stylized. I can work in a variety of styles, but I naturally gravitate towards flat, graphic, retro design, bright colors and textures, and animated-type characters.

I LOVE children´s books, especially educational ones: I have a real passion for them, and I firmly believe they don´t have to be "boring looking" just because they´re educational!

Learning should be just as fun as any other activity.

It´d be amazing to be able to lend my talents to make an educational book into an attractive, colorful product that catches any kid's eye and engages him or her!

I´ve worked in a freelance capacity for clients such as Leapfrog and have done design and illustration work for them.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you!

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Brazilian artist

by Mauricio Mazza

Holy Medicine comic

Holy Medicine comic

Brazilian Artist

I am a versatile designer. My style is childish. I like working with younger audiences and with great humor. I usually adapt my style to what the author desires.

I am extremely skilled with graphics programs like photoshop and illustrator.

I am Brazilian. My English is not perfect, and I use Google Translator as an assistant. But nothing is a barrier when you have creativity, a work ethic and devotion.

Whoever wants to work with me will not regret it. I guarantee it!

Contact me.

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Creative Colombian Children's Book Illustrator

by Adriana Rozo

Scary Shadow

Scary Shadow

Bright and creative illustration for children's books


I'm Adriana Rozo, a graphic designer and illustrator in love with children's books. I have worked as an illustrator editorially and for educational books. I have appeared in books and expositions in my home of Colombia.

I love traditional illustration but work in digital and mixed media too. My style is fresh and warm, featuring characters full of kindness and creativity. I'm able to make storyboards and sketches for books, murals, toys, decoration and paintings.

You can see part of my work at flickr. I'm purple_girl.

We can be in touch too. (Click my signature.)

Enjoy my work!

Adriana Rozo
Graphic designer and children's book illustrator

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Illustrator and Cartoonist

by Paulo Sergio
(Joinville, SC, Brazil)

PS Studium - Illustrations and Cartoons

PS Studium - Illustrations and Cartoons

PS Studium - Illustrations and Cartoons
Obedience School?
Handyman cartoon
Soccer player cartoon

Hi...I'm an illustrator and cartoonist with 24 years of experience.

I have proficiency in 3D StudioMax, Photoshop and CorelDraw. I do cartoon animation, art direction and final art, graphic design (watercolor, sketch, acrylic and charcoal) and silk-screen.

I started out quickly in the publication field, working with watercolors, gouache and realistic acrylic illustrations using various techniques.

I planned and did follow-up for a magazine's graphic art department. I also worked on folders, invitations, a newspaper and other layouts. I worked on preparing the advertising material for the same company too. (1987)

As a graphic arts designer, I developed several final artwork projects for booklets, newspapers, posters, book covers, product catalogues and packaging. I did various illustrations using human and animal drawings, all made by hand. I also prepared many icons and logos. I did some airbrush artworks too. (1991)

I drew a comic book manual for an ad campaign and used specific graphic arts software for making the final touches. I have done colored and black and white cartoons for in-house organs and several magazines. I created the logo based on the Quero-Quero bird (a Brazilian bird) for the Embraco Ecological Campaign Prize. I had the opportunity to be the Junior Art Director, preparing other advertising materials for direct mail, ads, booklets, banners, billboards, and character creation and illustrated children's inserts. (1997)

Presently working at my own studio, which is completely computerized, I create and develop characters and cartoons for publications.

I have my own style when I create my personal illustrations, but I can work in many others styles of drawing as well.

I love to feel free as a bird when I create my drawings. I love all styles...specially traditional, fine art and watercolor.

The price of my artworks are set because I work cheap. However, if the customer has real financial limitations, we can talk. I do nice work with responsibility and competence.

I can do some sketches to audition, so that the artwork be approved by the customer. I'm happy to do it because it means my work is already partly done.

During all my time working in agencies and publishing houses, I learned the meaning of cooperation. I always cooperate with the customer to produce work we're both happy with. I like to be a good partner.

Email me through my studio or personally.


Paulo Sergio

Comments for Illustrator and Cartoonist

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Jul 07, 2009
Best Artwork!
by: Resy - Gráfica América

His artwork is very good, and he is a very nice person to work with - very smart and fast!

God bless you my cartoonist friend. Good Luck,


Jul 06, 2009
GREAT to work with.
by: Anonymous

I have really enjoyed working with Paulo over the last 5 years and am glad to recommend him and his professional talents to all.

International Director of the Mini Bible College

Jul 06, 2009
Great Professional
by: Mauricio Mueller Zaccarias

I know Paulo Sergio since 2006 and i had the pleasure to see a lot of his works and i like them all. He have a original style!
Congratulations and keep like this

Jul 06, 2009
You know what i think ;)
by: Elise

You are an exellent cartoonist and your work is fantastic.
I want to use you in my project, as you already know, as an illustrator, and that means I think you are the best. Its all about talent, and you have it!

Jul 06, 2009
Hi there !
by: Andy

Paul is a very good friend and produces excellent artwork.


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Brazilian Illustrators

by Douglas Galindo Studio
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

cartoon tiger

cartoon tiger

We've seen that this site is great for making contacts in the children's books field. We are a Brazilian art studio and would like to expand our contacts.

We've worked in this arena for about 30 years. We meet the demand for various styles and for different clients.

We look forward to the opportunity to work together!

Thank you!
Raquel Senda Galindo

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Children's Book Illustrations from the Heart

by Roberta Cleontes
(Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)

Always at Dawn...

Always at Dawn...

Kaleidoscopius - Illustrations from the heart

My name is Roberta Cleontes, and I have been a teacher for almost 15 years, ranging from art, math to design basics in art, with related bachelor degrees. I consider myself very creative and possessed of a very strong, internal, child's soul.

I recently left teaching to pursue a career as a children's book illustrator and picture book artist. I just signed the contract for the first book I'll be illustrating.

I'm looking for authors who need illustrators who work from the heart. My work is strong and colorful. I use mediums ranging from watercolor, pastel, oil pastel to acrylics, and I enjoy collage, drawing, etc.

I don't have a specific fee, and I'm always willing to negotiate. I offer sketches and 2 to 3 samples in color.

Contact me at Childrens book illustration and art.

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Enrique Vignolo, Illustrator for children

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Rabbit Mother and Daughter

Rabbit Mother and Daughter

I am a freelance illustrator.

I illustrate in pencil then color in a computer (Photoshop, Painter) at 300 dpi resolution. The customer will get a copy via email or cd.

I´ve worked for publishers in USA, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Finland, Belgium, Spain and many others. If you have a few minutes, please visit my website, and if you think my style fits in your company, please contact me.

Thank you very much,

Enrique Vignolo

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