Last Minute Children's Gifts For Reading

The Best Solutions for Last Minute Children's Gifts

E-Gift cards for children's books. E-notification for children's magazines. Printable certificates that announce you've made a present of reading. These are the gifts that support a child's potential...while allowing you to keep from showing up empty-handed!

Here are my two recommendations...

1. Amazon Gift Cards

First of all, in case you didn't get the memo, gift certificates are now called gift cards. Here's how it works:

You go to the gift cards page and you click around. Choose the standard gift card, or an image one, or even an animated one. (Amazon doesn't make the different e-cards easy to find, so here's the Christmas section.)

You can actually send a card without attaching any cash value to it. Amazon is betting you will though.

The good news is you get to pick the amount of your gift (from $5 to $5000) and send a personalized message.

And have I mentioned that your gift card will be sent instantaneously? Or, if you're sending it a couple days before the holiday, you can delay delivery until the day of your choosing.

Your last minute children's gifts can actually show up when Santa does!

2. A magazine subscription

Like the Amazon gift card, a magazine subscription can be announced at the last possible moment with an emailed notification. And here's the big plus...

With a magazine subscription, you know you'll be giving the gift of reading.

(Another plus: you'll be giving a gift that shows up repeatedly! That's the gift of sustained reading.)

Visit my children's magazine page to find the right reading for your child. Please note this:

Depending on the magazines you choose, you'll be sent to either or At, click on Gift Notification Options. At BlueDolphin, click "Give a Gift" instead of "Add to Cart."

Happy Holidays!

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