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Kristin Peck
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Meet Kristin!

A bit about me, also known as, my bio … kind of … more like a blurb, blip, or short memo as my life is thankfully a bit longer than what I am detailing here.

I am 28 years old, a mother of two and a wife of four years. My kiddos have reintroduced me into the world of children's stories, although to be perfectly honest, I do not feel I truly ever lost touch with the younger based world of make-believe. It was just turned into the more respectable "Young-Adult" genre of things that someone my age can get away with reading without raised eyebrows tossed about or all-knowing smirks. Yet I always knew secretly my judges were still pulling out Amelia Bedelia or Goosebumps and finding amusement. Ever find yourself still watching a Disney movie after your children have left the room or gone to bed? Yeah … it's a lot like that.

My love of reading began when I was very young. I was often fondly referred to as "Hermet (Her-met)" - my father's invented descriptive word for a female hermit indicative of the lifestyle I often found myself in. Holed up in my room with the latest stack of books I checked-out at the library, I was at my most content. Outside? That was just the front porch where I read the newest Harry Potter and cried my eyes out when my favorite characters died … still been meaning to have that talk with Rowling.

That love of reading turned into writing, and that has led me to study at Southern New Hampshire University for my Bachelor's in English Literature with an emphasis in Fiction writing. My minor is professional writing, and while we are at it let's throw in some poetry classes to stay well-rounded. Recently, I proudly became the author of my first self-published book titled Skyview. It leans heavily towards the Young Adult genre in the Fantasy/Science Fiction line of books (Guardian Angels anyone?).

I have a Christian-related blog named Noise for Strangers that is also linked to Facebook and has over 100 followers. Slowly I am trying to build my portfolio to see what I can make of myself. Maybe someday when I grow up, I will be a well-known author and actually make a career of this stuff. Until then, I will gladly enjoy the comfort of the words flowing from other authors' creative minds and read my children their bedtime stories from Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and good ol' Beverly Cleary. Include some history from important figures, Veggietales for the Bible stories, and I say we have things pretty covered. Oh, and of course we have to include educational enlightenment! Anyone who can make the ABC's and colors more interesting is genius in my book!

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