Kopano the Elephant
and the Very Noisy Animal

by Brianna Noll

pickup and elephant

Kopano the baby elephant lived with his family in the Valley of the Olifants.

Life was very peaceful in the Valley of the Olifants.

One day, while Kopano was grazing with his family group, a very noisy animal rushed past.

The animal was unlike anything Kopano had ever seen.

The animal had four black feet, shaped like circles!

The animal had a green, square body, and was covered in red dust.

Where was that strange animal rushing off to?

Kopano decided to find out.

He wandered away from his family group, following the animal’s long, straight tracks.

Kopano noticed that although the animal had four feet, it only made two footprints!

"How strange!" Kopano thought.

Kopano followed the tracks until he came to a small tent. The noisy green animal was sitting next to the tent.

The noisy animal was quiet.

“It must be sleeping,” Kopano thought to himself.

Kopano walked quietly over to the animal.

He tickled it with his trunk, but the animal did not wake up.

He gave it a poke with his tusk, but the animal still did not wake up.

Finally, Kopano trumpeted with all his might, but the animal slept on.

Kopano’s loud trumpeting did wake up the person inside the tent!

A tall man with a white shirt came out of the tent.

He smiled at Kopano.

“What a curious elephant you are!” said the man.

Kopano trumpeted his frustration at the man.

Why wouldn’t the noisy animal wake up?

The man laughed.

“You silly elephant! That is my truck, not an animal!”

And this is how Kopano learned that the noisy animal was a green truck, and that this was how his new friend, the man with the white shirt, got around.

The End

Copyright Brianna Noll, 2011

The author lives in New Hampshire, USA.

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