Amazon's Kindle Reader
Solution for Reduced Reading?

Amazon's Kindle Reader: Re-"Kindle" a Reader In Your Home!

What follows are a whole bunch of words I wrote a whole bunch of years ago. But let me sum it up for you...

Wouldn't it be a great idea to get your kid a device that s/he is limited to reading on?

You know it would be.

Most parents eventually face a reading "emergency": a child showing signs of "growing out" of reading.

Not good. No one should ever grow out of reading.

Some kids do grow up back in to reading, but good outcomes are hardly guaranteed. Any number of studies show that time spent reading correlates with academic - and life - success. But try convincing your teenager of that!

I'm a little old-fashioned

Perhaps you are too. A book is a book, and I like to believe that books will always have paper pages for me to turn. But realistically?...

Reading is going electronic. It makes sense economically. It makes sense ecologically. It makes sense simply as a matter of convenience! A few years down the road, a backpack of textbooks is going to be a quaint memory.

Why would you carry around five different books when an electronic device the size of a paperback can store 200???

Growing up can be awkward

No teen or pre-teen wants to appear "uncool" or backwards. Expecting your child to ride the bus and read while the other kids are playing hand-held video games and texting is a lot to ask!

So if you could make reading "cool" for your kid, wouldn't you? Well, that's where the Kindle Reader comes in. Amazon's Kindle might help YOU rekindle your child's love of reading!

It isn't cheap

As I write this (January, 2009), the price has only come down a little. But the popularity of these darn things means there's a waiting list!

Let me repeat that: there's a waiting list. Think your kid might like to have something that's so hip there's a waiting list?

Now, I hope you're not letting your kid read this page, because what I'm suggesting is buying a Kindle Reader to trick your child back into reading. And the trick won't work if your kid knows what you're up to.

We're talking reverse psychology here!

And here's some more reverse psychology: increase the mystique of the Kindle by providing a limited budget to buy books with. Just like owning a product with a waiting list is cool, when parents apply limits kids are built to want more...

  • Mom: I'm sorry, Billy. You're only allowed three books a week.
  • Billy: But Moooooommmmm...That's no fair!

(Click here to see a video for Amazon's Kindle Reader.)

So how much is it?

Last I looked, it was US$359.00. Ouch! But remember, weigh the price against the value of maintaining - or rebuilding - your child's interest in reading. If the Kindle Reader keeps your child

  • away from bad influences
  • off of drugs
  • out of the alcohol cabinet
  • away from video games
  • off the streets
  • out of prison...

...or from coming home to live with you when he's 30 (with his girlfriend and her 4 kids), then I think you'll agree it will have paid for itself!

I'm kidding, of course

But only a little. A child's loss of interest in reading is not a good sign, and a lot of parents will resort to extreme measures to prevent it from happening.

The Kindle Reader could be the device that makes a difference. You're the one who knows your child, so take a moment to think about it:

It's expensive. It's cool. Do I think my child would be into it?

If your answer is, "Yes," maybe it's time to start thinking about pulling the money together for this sizable purchase.

Some parents wait

They think, "Well, the price will come down." But the Kindle Reader has been around awhile now, and the price has only come down $40. How low does the price have to get before you're willing to address a reading emergency that's only going to get worse???

This is an electronic device. With lots of neat buttons. Your child will probably master it in a way you never could!

I'm going to put one of Amazon's ads right here. That way you'll be able to check the current price. And remember: there's a waiting list. Even if you order Kindle today, it's not going to be in your child's hands tomorrow.

(When you click to Amazon they'll tell you how long the approximate wait is.)

And the Kindle Reader is NOT limited to reading books. Newspaper, blogs and magazines can be loaded onto it, as well as your child's own documents. (You can email too.) Kindle can even save you money...

  • New York Times delivered to your door - $69/mo.
  • New York Times delivered to your Kindle - $14/mo.

Why can reading be cheaper with Amazon's Kindle? Because it's just bits and bytes!

The Kindle Reader is an investment in your child's future.

It's up to you whether it's an investment you want to make.

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