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Kimi McDiarmid
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As a child, I read voraciously.

My parents and family encouraged me in this: my grandfather signed me up for the I Can Read Book of the Month Club as soon as I learned my alphabet, Santa Claus brought books every Christmas, and books answered every question I had.

(By the time I was 12, this required a set of encyclopedias. It was a very big box).

This attitude backfired on my parents.

At every family gathering, I could be found in my older cousin's room, reading her books. I had to be told not to read while walking, eating, or doing my homework. They were mortified when my 6th grade teacher told them, "Your daughter is the first student I've ever had to ask to read less".

(The next year, he had my little sister. I think that was the first time my parents were afraid of parent teacher interviews).

Books framed my view of the world. I cried over The Diary of Anne Frank. I ate elevenses with The Hobbit. The first time I babysat, I emptied hundreds of crayons out of a red plastic suitcase so that I could take a babysitter's kit ala The Babysitters' Club.

I walked around saying 'click' and closing my eyes because of Cam Jansen.

One advantage of having spent my childhood reading is that as a tutor, I work with many students. An enjoyable part of my job is to help children and teens find books that they love, in the hopes that they will come to enjoy reading (perhaps not to the same extent that I did).

It is a very rewarding feeling to have a parent tell me that their daughter, who they used to have to force to read, now asks for books.

Students can tell me what kinds of books they like and I can help them choose a book based on their interests. I am continually finding new books and new series to read and to try.

I hope I can help more kids find books and authors that they enjoy.

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