Kids' Golf Book

by Randy Guyton
(Atlanta, GA)

The Adventures of Birdie and Bogey

The Adventures of Birdie and Bogey

No one knows your book better than you.

I wrote my children's golf book, "The Adventures of Birdie and Bogey: Learning The Game of Golf," two years ago but did not know where to turn in order to get it published. I had looked at a number of different websites that promised to make it easy by helping with the design and the marketing, all for a fee of course.

A friend of mine had gone through the self-publishing process and told me that those sites were a waste of time and that I needed to self-publish my book and then market it on my own, because who knows the book's target audience and marketplace better than the author? So I created my own publishing company, Birdie Press, and set out to get my ISBN number and bar code for my book, which was pretty easy by going to Bowker and signing up--and paying for them of course.

So, I found an illustrator--a graphic artist friend of mine--and we set out to illustrate and create the book. It was a looooong process, mainly because we needed to get the sketches just right, making sure the kids looked right, making sure they weren't aging page to page, etc. Once the illustrations were done and the book was laid out, we created a press-quality pdf and uploaded it to the printer. It was a very easy process, although I think it was tough to get the specs just right for the printer, especially on the cover, which needed to be a double-page spread with a 1/8" spine.

When the printer had everything ready to go, we did several color checks to make sure that our scans were printing correctly. We had a few issues with some blues turning kind of purplish, so we tweaked those on our end. Once everything was fixed, we did a press check for the cover and once I signed off, the printing began.

It took about a little more than a week to get the books in my hand. They looked great, and it was definitely the right way to go. Now, marketing the books has been tough. Knowing that my book is more of a gift item, I have concentrated mainly on children's specialty shops and golf courses/country clubs. I also created a website,, and directed people there. I did a couple of gift shows, and then I reached out to various media outlets looking for press. I got an article in a local paper, as well as a radio show.

All told, I have sold about 500 books in about 5 months - so not great, but okay so far. The hard part has been convincing stores in this economy to take on new products, but being willing to put them on consignment has been a good way to get in the door - and has led to repeat orders.

I'm still looking for that game-changing order, or a distributor willing to help push the book on a national level, but I have been pleased with the process so far.


Randy Guyton

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May 13, 2011
Kids and golfing
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Boy oh boy, Randy. You don't know this, but I often advise self-published authors to create websites on a subject larger than themselves and their books. After all, if all you talk about on your site is your book, the only searchers who are going to find you are those looking for your book.

Frankly, I've never seen a better fit for my advice.

33,000 people a month google kid golf clubs. 18,000 google children golf sets. Nearly 10,000 google children golf.

Those are your potential buyers! With your current site, you're going to lure almost none of them. But with a site dedicated not to your book but to the larger subject of kids and golfing, you could rank highly for those search terms, generate lots of traffic and sell them lots of other stuff too. You could even host advertising on the subject of kids and golf. (Note the advertising on this page.)

I started this site because I've got some of my own children's stories to sell. But guess what? They only comprise about 1% of what this site sells. I mean, check it out: I'm probably going to sell YOUR book, and I'll make about a 7% commission on the cover price when I do!

This strategy of aiming for a larger audience and monetizing them in all possible ways is described pretty well here. You say on your site you've got 30 years experience in golf. Why not put it to greater use?

Thanks for a great post, by the way!

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