Kid Tea

written by Elisabeth Ficocelli
illustrated by Glin Dibley

Elisabeth Ficocelli's Kid Tea

Book review by Sherri Trudgian

Ages 3-7

Bath time brews up a tub full of colors!

I must admit I’m addicted to Kid Tea. I borrowed this book from the library but liked it so much I bought it. Elisabeth Ficocelli teaches colors and days of the week in a unique fun fashion. The brother/sister duo appeals to both boys and girls.

Each day’s activity creates a different color of tea.

On Monday the children enjoy a day in the sun making mud pies. Two dirty children brew up a tub of “Brown Kid Tea”. Thursday is a special girls’ day consisting in painting lips and fingertips. Friday is a rough and tumble boys’ day. Dad contributes to Saturday’s brew with blueberry pie and muffins.

What makes this book even more fun is the delightful surprise of Sunday’s bath – no kid tea!

“We can be clean for one day … but just you wait till Monday!”

Glin Dibley’s simple illustrations contrast well with the more complicated rhythm and rhyme. Review continues.

text superimposed, from 'Kid Tea'

The children’s heads are enlarged to focus attention on their delightful faces. My grandson likes to count the brother’s freckles. He also likes to find the red/blue tug boat and the yellow duck which join in the nightly ritual.

Although the rhyme is stretched at times, words such as “slurple” created to rhyme with “purple” only add to the fun.

The phrase “Dunk me in the tub, please, for _____ kid tea!” is not only repeated throughout but is also written in a specific color which enhances learning. It was exciting to see my three year old grandson’s face light up as he recognized the words.

Elizabeth Ficocelli is an award winning author specializing in Catholic literature for both adults and children. Although this effort is a secular book, her faith and family values are touched upon in Sunday’s “go-to-church-and-sing day, steeple-bells-will-ring day.”

I highly recommend Kid Tea. Andrew and I like to brew up a cup on a regular basis.

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