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Karen Talley
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I am a wife of forty-six years with two grown sons and the "Grammy" of five beautiful grandchildren. Being a grandmother is definitely one of the best things that ever happened to me. 

My passion for books began at an early age. 

A favorite childhood pastime was walking to my local library.  I spent endless hours browsing the aisles picking out my favorite biography or history books. I would stagger to the desk balancing an armload of books and plop them on the counter.

There was something exhilarating about the librarian stamping the books with the return date and handing them to me. Although, I still enjoy reading about people and events that have shaped history, I will read about anything.  I especially love sitting down with a good "whodunit?"

My home has books in every room - yes, even the bathroom. I love everything about books. They appeal to all five of my senses, seeing, touching, smelling and hearing them speak to me.  I leave the fifth sense, tasting, to my four pound Yorkie that has a book fetish.

When I retired from the health industry five years ago, I decided do something I had always wanted to do…write the "great American novel."

I soon discovered there was more to writing a book than sitting at a computer typing words.

The only writing experience I had was working for my high school paper and writing a couple grants for a hospital. So, I enrolled in a children's writing course to gain some skills.  After completion, I started a blog and began writing magazine articles.  The first non-fiction piece I submitted was bought by a children's nature magazine. I was totally stoked. 

Three rejected children's articles and two children's poems later, I am still chugging along.  Acceptance is always preferable, but rejection challenges me to keep on, keeping on. 

Books are magical! They can transport children to new and exciting places, introduce them to different people and cultures and inspire them to do unimaginable things. Make reading fun when children are young…and they will enjoy it for a lifetime.

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