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Meet Jessica McCarl

Jessica McCarl is an elementary school teacher with a wide-ranging love for children's books. She hopes some day to be a Reading Specialist. So you can certainly understand why we're thrilled to have her reviewing for us.

Jessica McCarl in her own words

Hello book lovers! My name is Jessica McCarl. I live in Alexandria, Virginia with my husband, Mat (yes, just one “t”), and our dog, Patsy. I am so excited to be a part of the team at Best Children’s Books.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Catawba College. I am currently in graduate school at Walden University obtaining my Master’s Degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy. I am in my fourth year of teaching. Three of those years have been in first grade and the other was third grade. I love first grade because most of my students are learning to expand their world through reading.

As a young child I loved reading. My aunt instilled a love of reading in me and it has stayed with me all of these years. My favorite books as a young child were the Amelia Bedelia books. I loved how Amelia Bedelia always took everything so literally. She made reading fun for me. I even dressed up as Amelia Bedelia for a class storybook character day in third grade.

As a teacher, I always get book orders and go to book fairs. I am always asked to make my “wish list” of books that I want. That is so hard!! How can I possibly just choose ten books that I want? There are so many different types of books out today and it can often be confusing when choosing books. I am excited to help parents find wonderful books for their children.

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