Jake and the Big Red Balloon
by Betsy Humphries

Little Jake was always fascinated each time he saw a balloon and each time he went with his family to a parade, fairground or the circus where balloons seemed to be everywhere, he would beg his Mom and Dad to please get him one.

The best balloons by far, of course, were the ones that were filled with a type of air that could make them float high in the sky when he would let go of it.

One day, as Jake was strolling through his neighborhood, he spotted something in a tree, something very big!

In fact, it was so big and so red, that at first Jake thought that perhaps the sun had fallen from the sky.

As Jake moved closer to the big bright object to get an even better look, he noticed a big red balloon that had gotten stuck in the old oak tree.

Curious as he was, Jake reached his tiny little hand through the tree branches and was able to snatch the big balloon. He was so excited!

Then, all of a sudden a gust of wind blew and Jake found himself lifting off the ground. Higher and higher he went until he was able to see all the roof tops of the houses down below.

How amazing, Jake thought, as he rose higher above the roof tops. 'I can see so much more from up here' he said.

As he floated happily along the sky with the big red balloon guiding him gently along, he looked down once again and could see children playing in the park and the tiny ducks swimming about the pond.

Then, all of a sudden a strong wind began to blow, causing Jake to tumble and spin until he reached the ground.

At this point he decided the best thing to do would be to let go. As much as he had enjoyed his time with the balloon, at this point little Jake was just thankful that he was safely back on the ground again.

Then as Jake began to let go, he watched in amazement as the balloon climbed higher and higher into the sky and past the fluffy white clouds until the big red balloon became a tiny speck in the sky.

The End

Copyright Betsy Humphries - 2008

Betsy lives in South Carolina, USA, and has four grown children.

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