International illustrator

by Jenny Barnard
(Senlis, Picardie, France)

T. Rex

T. Rex

T. Rex
Fending off a Dinosaurs
A Truly Jolly Roger

Jenny is an internationally renowned English illustrator living in France. Her fresh and vibrant illustrations and designs have graced books, porcelain and textiles predominantly throughout Europe and the United States.

Her illustrative style is unique to herself and construed primarily in her preferred mediums of gouache, crayon and ink.

She is always delighted to receive manuscripts from aspiring or published authors that set the imagination on fire and are guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. Oh yes, and also, who (no beating around the proverbial bush here, I'm afraid) have the necessary cash available to pay for an illustrator.

She would be happy, however, to do a couple of study sketches of the author's main character, for their perusal, for free, before any agreement on a collaboration takes place.

Thereafter, should author and illustrator decide to proceed, these are the guidelines for payment:

- 1/3 to be paid after the signing of a contract.

- 1/3 to be paid after the approval and completion of the preliminary sketches by the author.

- 1/3 to be paid after the completion and absolute approval and satisfaction of the author.

Prices of course depend entirely on what is requested of the illustrator - single page spread, double page spread, spot illustration, full colour or black and white.

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Sep 30, 2011
Book Cover
by: Roy Hill. Woodpecker publishers

I commissioned Jenny to design and illustrate the jacket for my book "Survivor." Her understanding and interpretation of my brief together with her skill as an artist ensured I had the cover I truly wanted to do my book justice.

She has since been commissioned for further projects, and we hope to carry on working together into the future.

Aug 17, 2011
Logo designs
by: Cindy B. Hill

Jenny has been commissioned by my company numerous times over the past ten years. Each logo carried its own unique style based on the subject/product we were marketing. The colors are vibrant and the creativity abounding.

"A picture tells a 1000 words" completely represents Jenny's style and artistry. We are in the process of preparing a children's cookbook, and we are looking forward to commissioning Jenny Barnard once again to tell our story in pictures.

Aug 11, 2011
Ilustration and Design agency
by: Mary Jones

Jenny has been commissioned by and supplied portfolios of top quality illustrations and designs for my customers for several years. They are enamoured by her particular style and flair, her attention to detail and colour and her sheer professionalism in this field of work. Never has a deadline been missed, and it's a pleasure to work with her.

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