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by Christina

Charlie - line work only

Charlie - line work only

Charlie - line work only
Water Lotus

I am a free-lance, self-taught artist, who has raised 5 children on 3 continents. I have received informal private instruction from other more experienced artists. I am continually seeking to expand my abilities and styles in order to be more versatile and fun.

My work is somewhat international. I learned British canal ware, a traditional folk art while living in the UK. I then did a series of botanical pen & ink with wash. A series of Botanical acrylic print/paintings. Both sold in Canada and the US. In addition to pen & ink, pencil, graphite and pastel I have done works of animals for fine art shows and sales. I have done several story boards for Bible stories, and created hundreds of line drawings for children's coloring sheets and crafts. Using both Thai and English languages.

My strongest works are line. I have a love for anything botanical, and animals detailed or stylized. Much of my work is pen and ink, with or without color and pastels. Pencil, acrylic and watercolor are close follow ups depending on the project at hand. My style in illustration is generally open and clean, keeping the subject the main focus, using strong color, and color harmony to draw the viewer into the pictures and flow throughout the story. My experience in working with young children for over 20 years has taught me they enjoy bold color and easily recognizable figures. I generally use a blend of realism and stylizing for illustrations.

I am happy to collaborate with the author about what they imagine the characters and style of the pictures to be. I submit sketches for approval before finalizing. Pictures make what others imagine come alive for us.

I am admittedly old school in my techniques but can learn a program to send quality pictures to wherever, my sons assist me with the tech side.

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