Picture Book Illustrators Wanted!
Do You Do Line Art?

Illustrators wanted

Note to artists: while you are welcome to submit, we are not currently publishing. If we like your work, we will keep it in on file. You are much more likely to find work here if you create a listing on our site.

Illustrator listings are free, and we receive visits from hundreds, if not thousands, of self-publishing authors a month.

Illustrators wanted

We've created a new site where we're selling downloadable picture books with illustrations consisting of black and white line art.

That's right: children's picture books, fit for coloring.

We intend for the store to grow and grow. We'll keep needing illustrators.

We don't pay much! A small upfront fee (approx. $10) and, if we use your work, a small back-end fee (approx. $40). But once your book starts selling, we also pay royalties based on sales.

If we use your work you will have a paid publishing credit, and your name will appear as the illustrator on your book.

The books will require approximately 16 6"x6" line drawing illustrations, and we'll need all rights if we use the work.

Here's one of the illustrations we've commissioned:

If you're interested, fill out the form below: Illustrators Wanted. You will receive an automated email response with an excerpt from one of our stories. Work up a sample illustration from the story and reply to the email with the line art sample as an attachment. You will then hear from us shortly as to whether we have a potential assignment for you.

We will be judging not only the quality of your artwork but English-language skills as well. Properly interpreting text is an important part of this. Keep that in mind as you fill out the form and correspond with us.

We look forward to seeing your work!

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Illustrators Wanted!

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