Illustrations by Faythe

by Faythe Mills
(Glenwood, MN)

My illustration teacher taught me to meet deadlines, and if it's not your best to keep working on it...or start over.

I've illustrated three published children's books.

"The Captain's Hat," by Deb Mercier (my first book), was illustrated (17 soft pastels) and laid out for Minnewaska Press, in two months. I also illustrated and laid out "The Adventures of Molly & Skunky."

And I just finished 22 illustrations for "Missing My Best Friend," by Norma Thorstad Knapp, which will be done the first part of June, 2011.

My favorite medium, for illustrations, is soft pastels, but I also work in watercolor, pencil, ink wash & acrylic.

I LOVE drawing children, and I especially like to focus on their eyes if I can.

My profession is graphic arts (Graphics by Faythe), so I have many years of experience with printers and books.

I went back to college at age 37 and received my Graphics Design degree in 1990 from North Hennepin Community College.

I have worked as an independent graphic artist for Sharlene Jorgenson ("Quilting from the Heartland/Quilting with Shar") since 1994, doing instructional-digital illustrations and producing over 20 books, plus designing numerous patterns.

The three books I've illustrated were done for self-published authors. I made all changes they requested (in the illustrations and layouts).

I do enjoy doing school & library presentations, where I demonstrate how to lay out a composition for my illustrations and how to work with soft pastels.

My contact information is:

Graphics by Faythe
Faythe Mills
320-808-0244 cell
23278 N. Lakeshore Dr.
Glenwood, MN 56334

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