If Jesus Came to My House

written by Joan Gale Thomas
illustrated by Lori McElrath-Eslick

If Jesus Came to My House
Children's book review by Judy Dudich

Ages 4-8

If Jesus Came to My House
is one of the most beloved and cherished books in our family’s home library.

Written in a gentle, easy-flowing poetic style, author Joan Gale Thomas allows children to imagine what it would be like if the child Jesus were to come to their house to play!

Mentioning things like a walk in the garden, picking fruit from trees, scary shadows on the nighttime walls, sitting in a rocking chair by the fire, and sharing favorite toys, quickly captures a young reader’s attention as it is so easy for them to relate to their own everyday real life adventures.

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As the child in the book comes to understand that he can spend time with Jesus and share His love by spending time and sharing with others, so too, will your child realize that even though young Jesus might not knock at your door today, He is still nearby, and each of us can share in His joy by sharing our hearts with those we meet along the way.

This little book makes a wonderful gift for a new baby or a young Sunday school student.

Guaranteed to become a childhood favorite and a lasting treasure to hand down through the generations, If Jesus Came to My House will still be loved when the child to whom it is given grows up and reads it to his or her own children one day.

Mrs. Judy Dudich, homeschooling mother of ten, enjoys life with her wonderful husband Tom, in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, USA. She created the website Homeschool, Faith, and Family Life.

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