I have an idea for a series of books

by Bob
(Phoenix, AZ)

Complex thoughts!

Complex thoughts!

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I'm 45, and am brainstorming an idea about a book, or series of books. I've never written anything longer than a letter, and not many of them either. I was terrible in school and have terrible writing and spelling skills.

My biggest concern at this point is someone stealing my ideas and running with them. I'd like to get some advice about protecting my ideas, and also about how to go about telling the stories I have in my head (from my point of view, or my character's).

I'm hoping to learn a lot from writing my books, and think that kids will love the adventures. I'm looking at the books in a couple ways: learning and just fun. I hope you can help me.


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protecting an idea
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Bob, I have some thoughts for you, borne of working with many beginning writers. They might sound odd - and borderline condescending - but that's kind of my style. ;-)

Protecting your idea is the least of your problems...or at least the last one in line!

Not having writing experience or skills, THAT'S issue #1. If indeed you have a brilliant idea for a series of books, the last thing you should do is start by trying to write it/them.

I've never seen a beginning writer who knew how to do justice to his first idea. The idea is either

1) well beyond their skill set, or
2) not such a great idea...which they'd know if they knew more about writing!

So here's my advice. Keep that potentially great idea to yourself while you study writing and work on skills.

Learn about story structure. Do a ton of reading in the genre that you're interested in writing for. Do a little writing of very short stories.

Your goal will be to get a learning curve going. You'll know it's working when you look at one of your earlier writing attempts and are overwhelmed with embarrassment at just how bad it is!

Decent writers all experience that. (Bad writers never do!)

And THAT'S why you want to let go of that first brilliant idea. Don't turn all that magic into something you'll inevitably be embarrassed by!

putting the series before the horse
by: Bob

Thank you, Steve, that's the information I needed. I learned a long time ago to listen to people with experience. I will start at the link you posted, and then to your "write a book now" section to practice.

Thank you for your input.


Happy to help
by: Steve B. (webmaster)


Fast Eddie
by: Bob

Ok, so I wrote my short story using the "write a book now" link, but don't know where to post it. Should I post it here, or is there a place to submit it on the site here?


posting a story
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Bob, I think you're talking about this page:


Scroll to the bottom.

Bob's story
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

You'll find the story Bob wrote using our "story about an issue" format here.

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