I Don't Wanna Go

by Anabella Fazio

boy holding fire hose

‘I don’t wanna go!’ is Jonty Jon Jon’s favorite phrase, especially in the mornings when he needs to leave his bed to get to school.

No matter how hard his mum tries to get him out of bed the only words that come out of under the duvet are:

‘I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go !!!

Monday Morning

‘Come on, Jonty Jon Jon, It’s time to go to school and you don’t want to be late again.’

‘I don’t wanna go.’

‘Your best friend Toby will be waiting for you.’

… ‘I don’t wanna go!’

‘What if I bought you a racing car or a brand new skateboard?


Just then Jonty Jon Jon’s mum remembers how much he loves dressing up. ‘I have got a great idea. How about you get dressed as a fireman?’ Jonty Jon Jon’s mom doesn’t give him much time to decide and quickly gets the fireman suit out, gets him dressed and dashes him to the door to wait for the school bus.

The moment Jonty Jon Jon steps onto the road a fire truck rushes by. Suddenly the truck stops and a fireman yells at him.

‘Great to find you here, mate. Perfect timing - we must hurry, there has been a huge fire.’

Jonty Jon Jon spends the whole day putting fires out around the city. Climbing to the highest and trickiest parts, he is a great fireman and even gets a silver patch for his great performance.

Tuesday is the same story. Once again Jonty Jon Jon doesn’t want to leave his bed.

‘I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go!!!’

‘How about you dress as a dinosaur?’ says his mum this time.

Before he is able to say another word his mum is already putting his costume on.

This time when he steps onto the road he can’t believe his eyes.

A herd of Dinosaurs are racing by and Jonty jon jon is swooped away by the tail of a Giganotosaurus and sent 60 million years back into a far away land full of dinosaurs. He is chased by Triceratops and almost gets eaten by the ferocious T.Rex but he makes it home with the help of the fast Velociraptor.

On Wednesday as usual Jonty Jon Jon doesn’t want to get up.

‘I don’t wanna go’ he says once again.

‘How about you dress as a space man?’ his mum suggests.

A huge rocket is parked in front of his house ready to blast off. An astronaut inside waves his arms for Jonty Jon jon to join him. Before he knows it they are far away in space flying past the Milky way.

They land on Mars and Jonty Jon Jon makes a picture of himself and sticks it on the red surface -the first Little boy to have stepped onto another planet.

That night he sleeps in his cozy bed holding a little star ….

On Thursday morning Jonty jon jon is so sleepy he doesn’t notice Mum helping him into his brand new robot suit and …

… a massive robot transports him to year 2090 where machines and robots rule the world. Small spaceships take you for long rides around the universe. It’s non stop fun!

After hours playing, Jonty Jon Jon suddenly thinks of his friends, his little sister, his parents and how much he would have loved to be enjoying all this with them.

That night he is happier than ever to finally be home.

On Friday morning after the long and adventurous week Jonty Jon Jon says, ‘I don’t wanna go!’

But when his mom asks what he wants to dress as Jonty Jon Jon quickly opens his eyes and says:

‘I want to be dressed as myself.’

This time when Jonty Jon Jon steps onto the road, instead of a fire engine, a dinosaur, an Astronaut or a robot, there is a school bus waiting for him. He goes to school and has the best time ever telling his friends stories of fire rescues, dinos from far away lands and robots from the future.

At 3 o' clock the bell rings for home time. All the kids rush to the door. All except Jonty Jon Jon. 'Come on, time to go home,' says teacher.

'I dont wanna go I dont wanna go I dont wanna go'.

The End

Copyright Anabella Fazio 2011

The author lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

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