I Can Write
A Book by Me, Myself

written by Dr. Seuss (as Theo. LeSieg)
illustrated by Roy McKie

Dr. Seuss's I Can Write! A Book by Me, Myself
illustrated by Roy McKie

Children's book review by Steve Barancik

Ages 4-8

Seuss's learning-to-write-letters book

You remember those three pale, blue parallel lines. The ones on that off-white paper, on which you were supposed to take your first halting steps at writing letters on the page.

Assuming kids are still being taught to write (and not just how to text), I'm going to assume those lines still exist. And back in 1971, when parents were relying on Drs. Seuss and Spock to pretty much raise their children for them, Seuss put those lines in a hard-cover book...

...wrote a little counting rhyme...

...and challenged youngsters to write the letters and numbers, just as they appeared on the page.

learning to print letters


fish in tree

Is it coming back to you? The short letters rise from the bottom blue line to the middle one. The tall ones and capitals climb all the way to the top line.

5 jump rope

cow eats soap

Of course, this is Dr. Seuss, so the 5 creatures jumping rope are fish (out of water), and the rope is a red-headed girl's long, braided tresses.

Illustrator Roy McKie colors in all the action while leaving enough white space (with those three pale blue lines) for your child to operate.

If you buy the book used, make sure you're getting a clean copy. If you borrow it from your local library, make sure it stays clean. Use tracing paper! (To get me a copy, my library had to borrow a copy from 2000 miles away.)

I Can Write! A Book by Me, Myself, with a Little Help from Theo. LeSeig and Roy McKie.

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