Oh, I Am So Embarrassed!
By Anna H. Dickson

Oh, I Am So Embarrassed!
Children's book review by P.J. Rooks

Oh, I Am So Embarrassed!
is the story of Sesame Street's furry, lovable Grover having a bad hair day.

Someone has given Grover a terrible buzz-cut and he goes around in a ball cap all day, taking great care not to remove the hat. It is blown off during a ball game, however, and Grover is horrified.

When his friends realize how upset he is, the group falls into a chatty session comparing their most embarrassing moments -- and each anecdote ends with "I was so embarrassed."

Because of the repetition of the word "embarrassed," this is a great book for helping a child learn their emotional terminology, and (soapbox alert!) -- what's more important for a budding vocabulary: being able to correctly recite what sound the duckie makes or being able to put a finger on and accurately express their own feelings or the possible feelings of someone else?

Grover from Sesame Street with a bad haircut

Sorry, I know that's a no-brainer, but the whole animal sounds thing really drives me crazy -- there are just so many other important things a kid should be doing as they learn to speak.

Oh, I Am So Embarrassed! is an emotional intelligence gem and a delightful read for little ones as well. I wish there were fifty more of these -- one for each of our many human moods.

(Looks like it's out of print, so if you don't want to buy used you can always check your local library!)

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