html fears

by Grace
(Oregon, US)

Steve, I've seen computer code. It makes me want to cry, and it looks nothing like writing. How do you get around that? (Can you?) I read your pages, and yes they sound like regular writing, but I just cringe at the thought of what your writing process must be like!

Grace, you really can relax. There are a few ways to go about this, but they all have one thing in common:

There is no reason you can't write what you want to first, then add your html (the simplest computer code, and the only kind I use).

Here's how I do it. I compose my pages in a little piece of freeware called NoteTab Light. I write what I want to write (keeping in mind specific keywords that I want the search engines to find this page for). Then I go back and add the html.

Folks, html stands for "hyper-text markup language," and it's little more than some letters that tell the browser what should be in bold and what should be a link.

And adding the html is easier than it sounds! I highlight a word that I want bolded, double-click on Bold in NoteTab's menu, and voila!

And if that's too intimidating, the outfit I use offers ways to build a page that require NO html knowledge on your part. It's called Blockbuilder. You type your text in one box, and then anytime you want to make something a link, you just type its url (its web address) in another block.

Grace, here's who I use. It's like magic. I recommend them to everyone.

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