How many pages of content constitute a sbi web site?

by jerry

From Steve B., webmaster:

Jerry, excellent question.

The Site Build It Action Guide traditionally spoke of a number that worked out to between 31 and 241. How that broke down:

1 home page
5-15 tier 2 pages (those on your navigation bar)
5-15 tier 3 pages (linked to from tier 2 pages)

However, many SBIers leave these numbers in the dust!

For one thing, there's the new Content 2.0 feature, the one you took advantage of in asking this question.

C2 means your users create content. New pages get created for the search engines to find, and visitors return both to find new user created content and to read comments on their own. Many Site Build It owners have thousands of Content 2.0 pages already, and many more will.

I have a few hundred now on this site. You'll find C2's on

self publishing
book illustrating
book tributes, and
personalized children's books

But beyond that, many SBIers just discover that there are a lot more search terms to "harvest" in their niche and that they can continue to grow traffic by creating new pages.

I certainly find that. That's why I'm hard at work write now creating a "fables" department. It may not include the words "children's books" (my "site concept") but it's certainly something that parents interested in reading and storytelling want to know about.

You'll find a lot of Site Build It owners suffering from "navbar clutter," but it's a small price to pay for highly trafficked sites!

(And you can always take buttons off your navbar and just leave those tier 2 pages as Table of Contents entries on the bottom of your home page.)

Moral of the story: You can't get real traffic without a sizable site. That's why Site Build It never claims that there won't be real work involved. But they certainly give you the tools to know how to make all your efforts effective.

Definitely NOT the case with other web hosts.

(Moral II: SBIers create as many pages as they think they need.)

I hope that answers your question. If not, please reply by commenting!

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