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You have to respect the people who school their kids at home. It's challenging enough being a parent to your child without being a teacher as well.

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At present, there isn't much on this site intended for the exclusive use of school-at-homers. For that reason, I began to look at homeschool sites and blogs.

Like anything else on the web, most of them didn't seem to offer much.

Too many of the blogs tend to focus on day-to-day family life rather than actual education, and too many of the sites seem to focus on separating you from your money without offering much in return!

The purpose of this page is to introduce you to some of the few sites I feel I can recommend. I asked each of the site's authors to come up with a homeschooler's booklist.

Take a look at the list and then go ahead and link to their site!

I'm also providing a form at the bottom of this page for others with homeschool sites and blogs to bring to my attention. If I like your site I'll post your booklist! (And hopefully you can provide a return link to a page on this site that you like.)

Homeschooler: Maria Miller

Site: Homeschool Math

A comprehensive site for homeschooling parents and teachers: find free worksheets, math ebooks for elementary grades, extensive link list of games, interactive tutorials & quizzes, curriculum guide, and teaching tips articles. Maria keeps a blog as well.

List Name:

Maria's Recommended Math Books for Homeschoolers

  • 1) RightStart Geometry by Dr. Joan A. Cotter

  • Learn geometry by doing it, lots of it. Textbooks make geometry out to be a dull, disconnected subject matter that starts here and ends there as if there were nothing more to it. Here you study a complete course of geometry altogether, with plenty of fascinating tidbits, and learn it all by drawing. For middle school.

  • 2) Math Ebooks (by Maria herself!)

  • A series of math worktexts for elementary grades in electronic form so as to be very affordable. Great care is put into the explanations and understanding of concepts.

  • 3) Mathematics: The Science of Patterns by Keith Devlin

  • 4) The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat by Theoni Pappas

Homeschooler: Heidi Johnson

Site: Homeschool How-To

Heidi's site stresses getting your homeschool up and running.

List Name:

Three Homeschooling Must-Haves

  • 1) Any Child can Write by Harvey S. Wiener

  • A handy resource to help parents find ways in daily life to help their children write more. The author suggests that when children have somewhere to go that they make a list of what they need to take. Weaving writing into a day can really help children with their writing skill. There is also a handy resource at the back of the book that lists 100 ideas for writing at home.

  • 2) The Three R's by Ruth Beechick

  • 3) The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer

Homeschooler: Harvey Rosenberg

List Name:

Character Education Books by Dr. Seuss

Homeschooler: Anna Marie

Site: Essential "Extras" of Homeschool-Living

Offers encouragement, free worksheets, and practical knowledge about electives (especially p.e. and art), temperaments, discipline, recommended reading, holiday and co-op games and activities, gleaned from 19 years of homeschooling experience.

List Name:

    Historical Fiction with Wholesome Heroes

  • 1) The Silver Chalice by Thomas B. Costain

  • In ancient Jerusalem and Rome, Basil, a young Greek silversmith, struggles to complete an unlikely mission. On his quest, he encounters Caesar, Luke the Physician, Simon the Magician and other historical characters.

  • 2) Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter

  • 3) Swiss Family Robinson by J. D. Wyss

Homeschooler: Shirley Erwee

Site: Shirley's Preschool Activities

A homeschooling mom since 1997, Shirley's site focuses on the young ones, with an eye to activities that enrich. I never put the words "curriculum" and "preschooler" together until I visited Shirley's site!

List Name:

Best South African Picture Books

  • 1) An African Christmas Cloth by Reviva Schermbrucker

  • Aunty Apples tours the South African countryside, taking readers on a scenic journey. On Christmas morning she presents her nephew and niecewith a beautiful handmade embroidered cloth, a crafted journal of her trip. The book is magnificently illustrated with highly detailed embroidered pictures, each 'painted' in thread.

  • 2) Fly, Eagle, Fly! by Niki Daly

  • 3) Jock of the Bushveld as retold by Phillida Brooke-Simons

Homeschooler: Carolyn Morrison

Site: Guilt-Free Homeschooling

Whether you have a question, need advice, or could just use some encouragement, Guilt-Free Homeschooling offers help, comfort, and advice to new or struggling homeschool parents, assuring them that homeschooling can be manageable, successful, guilt-free, and glorifying to God.

List Name:

Top 3 Reference Books for the Homeschool Library

  • 1) The ABC's and All Their Tricks by Margaret M. Bishop

  • An invaluable resource, explaining the origins of spelling patterns and showing a wide assortment of words using each pattern. Don't teach phonics or spelling without it!

  • 2) North American Wildlife from Reader's Digest

  • 3) large dictionary (bigger the better!)

  • Homeschooler: Hilary Lynch
  • Site: Home School Curriculum Adviser
  • Benefit from Hilary's experience homeschooling four children. Find comprehensive curriculum summaries and reviews. Compare curricula in just a few clicks, not a few hours!

    List Name:

      Great Homeschooling Books You Probably
      Didn't Know About

    • 1) Games for Writing by Peggy Kaye

    • This is a great resource to help those reluctant writers enjoy the writing process. I have found my child feels good about himself and his writing after doing one of these exercises. 

    • 2) The Illustrated Flag Handbook by Maria Constantino

    Homeschooler: Marianne Vanderkolk

    Site: Design Your Homeschool

    Let Marianne show you how to design your own approach to learning by writing a tailor made program to fit your children's needs, abilities and personalities, an approach that fits you and complements your lifestyle.

    List Name:

    Homeschooler: Pat Fenner

    Site: Help 4 Your Homeschool

    Let Pat help you keep alive the three things you need to persevere in homeschooling: Passion, Commitment and Creativity.

    List Name:

    3 Fun Books to Spark Creativity and Enjoy a Laugh Together!

    • 1) Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein

    • A favorite at our house, our kids "talk runny babbit" all day after we read this book! Published posthumously, it's a shame Mr. Silverstein won't be writing any more...

    • 2) For Laughing Out Louder ed. Jack Prelutsky, illustrations by Marjorie Priceman

    • 3) Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs by Alan Katz, illustrations by David Catrow

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