Highlights for Children:
Better than Ever

I'm taken back to my opthamologist's office...

Highlights for Children was always on the magazine rack. I always looked forward to reading it.

There was a challenge though. As soon as I got there, the nurse would put the dilating drops in my eyes. Now it was a race to read as much of Highlights as I could before it went completely blurry!

Couldn't your child use reading material that generates that kind of excitement?

Highlights for Children magazine sets itself apart

So many of today's children's magazines are specialized. Nature, wildlife, sports, teen celebrities, fashion...

Highlights is a true "general interest" magazine for children. The articles cover a wide range of subjects. Your child gets to peruse and choose. Review continues.

Wholesome, huh?

Highlights also sets itself apart with its text orientation. There's a much higher text to pictures ratio than you find in most of the other children's magazines. There are plenty of pictures and photos (and now they're in color!), but make no mistake about it, this is a magazine about reading.

44 pages. 33 items to choose from in the table of contents (coded for parents and teachers by what's being taught and what age group it's aimed at).

Articles covering a broad range of subjects. Games, projects and brainteasers. It's all here. (As of this writing, you could still find "Hidden Pictures," "Goofus and Gallant" and "The Timbertoes."

And the inside cover lists some of the many organizations that have honored Highlights for Children over the years.

This is a children's magazine that hasn't been dumbed down

Frankly, I can't tell you how pleased I was to see how well Highlights has held up (and even improved) over the many, many years. (Since 1946.)

But that's what you'd expect from a magazine whose motto has always been "Fun with a Purpose" and which hasn't been bought up by any of the publishing conglomerates.

There are other children's magazines out there, but none which I recommend more highly than Highlights for Children.

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