The Adventures of Blue...
A Helpful Bluebird
by Anthony Nicosia

bluebird drawing

My name is Blue. I am a Bluebird. The Bluebird of happiness I like to call myself.

I get up early in the morning and fly high over the little town by the ocean where all the people live.

I spread my beautiful wings and glide upon the gentle wind looking down at the town below.

On my head, back, wings, tail and throat, I have a deep blue streak. I like the color blue, do you? Also, my belly and undertail are a pretty grayish white and I have a few orange feathers on my front.

I am so glad I am colorful. I think when people look at me it makes them happy to see all my pretty colors. I hope you like my colors.

Today I will land myself in someone's back yard. Yes that is good I am in the soft grass now looking for food.

Over there are some people. They are talking, I have learned to listen and understand people talk, but I have to listen very hard. I see two adults and they seem sad. I do not like to see them so sad, I better listen harder.

"You lost my ring, my wedding ring, the one you gave me when you promised to love me forever."

He looks sad when he answers her saying, "Please, I am so sorry I was just sitting in this chair in our backyard with the ring in my hand cleaning it. I wanted to surprise you with a beautiful shiny ring, and the phone rang so I went into the house to answer it. I don't understand what could have happened."

They both are so sad I must help them. Now people do not look at the world like a bird does and we see things that they overlook. So let me see, what could have happened to their ring?

The grass is very high and they have not trimmed it in a long time. I must hop over to the chair where he was sitting. Hopefully they will not notice me as they are still talking.

Yes, here it is, it has fallen off the chair and is under this patch of grass and fell into a small hole.

I must take the ring carefully and grab it with my beak. Now I will hop up onto the chair and wait for them to see me.

Oh good, he sees me. "Honey, please be very quiet. Now turn around slowly and look at that bluebird." She turns and now they are both staring at me holding their ring in my beak.

I move my head up and down so I am sure they will see the ring.

Yes, I have their attention now, so let me drop the ring on the chair and fly away to the top of the fence. They are so happy now, look at them scratching their heads and pointing to me.

Now they are hugging. That is good; I love to see people happy.

It is a warm beautiful day and I like flying over my little town. Where should I fly to next?

The school, oh yes I love the children. I will glide down over there in the playground. Children always like to look at my beautiful colors; it makes them so happy to see me.

It is recess time and they are playing now. Let me land over here on top of the basketball hoop. I can see them all from here, they are so happy playing together, that is good.

Why is that little girl over there so sad? She is not playing with anyone else, only sitting by herself with her head looking at the ground. I must fly over to her to get a closer look.

Oh she is talking to herself. I must listen now very carefully.

"I wish I had friends, no one in this new school pays any attention to me. Before we moved here there were lots of kids I would play with. I miss my old friends; I wish we had never moved to this new town. I do not like being the new kid that no one talks to."

I must do something; she is not happy. Let me fly over and sit next to her. She will see my colors and smile. Yes that is what I will do.

Yes, she sees me now and I see a little smile on her face. That is good.

The other children are pointing at us and one says, "Hey look at the new girl over there, she has a bluebird sitting next to her."

All the children are gathering around us now and they are smiling at us.

I will fly now up onto her shoulder and sit there for all the children to see. I think I should sing for them too.

I will sing a song we bluebirds like to sing when we are happy. CHIRP, CHIRPPPPP, CHIRP, CHIRPPPPP, CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP

The children are all coming closer now, to come see us. One of them is talking "Hi, I am Sarah and these are some of my friends. Can we come see your pet bird?"

"Ok, I guess he won't mind. Will you?" No I am happy to help you, here let me hop up on your hand so they can all see me better now.

"Wow look at that she trained the bird to sit in her hand." All the children are closer now and taking turns looking at me. I love to see them all smiling.

Sarah asks the new girl, "What is your name? We have seen you here all week but you have been so quiet and sitting all alone we were not sure you wanted to play with us."

"Oh, well my name is Carol and I would love to have so many friends." Sarah and her friends are nice; I know Carol will be ok now.

Recess is over and the teachers are calling all the children back into the classrooms, so I must fly away for now.

CHIRP, CHIRP. That is my way to say goodbye to the children as I fly away high over their schoolyard.

It feels so good to know Sarah will be happy now with her new friends in her new school. I think I will fly around some more. Maybe I will visit other people today, maybe I will even visit with you.


Copyright Anthony Nicosia 2008

Anthony is from Pacifica, CA and has a BA in Psychology from S.U.N.Y. College at Purchase. He is a staff writer for the online magazine "Affordable Audio."

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