A Picture Book of Helen Keller
written by David A. Adler
illustrated by John & Alexandra Wallner

David A. Adler's A Picture Book of Helen Keller
illustrated by John & Alexandra Wallner

Children's book review by Steve Barancik

A picture book biography of the great blind and deaf woman

Ages 4-9

Sometimes a book's title just says what it is. That's the case with David Adler's A Picture Book of Helen Keller.

But sometimes, learning what something is isn't so easy. If you're deaf and blind and someone is trying to teach you that hat is spelled H-A-T, how are you even to know what letters are?

This Helen Keller picture book does a nice job of illustrating such difficulties. And of conveying what an accomplishment it must of been to overcome them.

I like the whole idea behind David Adler's Picture Book Biography series.

Seriously, we're all interested in the famous. (That's why they're famous!) Would you rather your child focus their fame interest on a TV character or a true hero?

A Picture Book of Helen Keller manages to focus not just on the challenges Keller faced, but on her growth. In her early years, frustrated by her disabilities, she is depicted as an angry, perhaps even spoiled, child. But once she finds how to achieve her potential, she blesses others with her work.

Much tribute is paid to Anne Mansfield Sullivan, the teacher who unlocked Helen's abilities and became a companion to her.

Helen's fame is addressed as well.

She met kings, queens, and presidents. She met actors, writers, and scientists.

photos courtesy of helenkellerfoundation.org

People, universities and governments all over the world gave Helen Keller awards.

No, she didn't have a show on Nickelodeon. But A Picture Book of Helen Keller makes it clear that she still managed to do pretty well for herself!

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Is it more real if it's on screen? The movie, The Miracle Worker, depicts Anne Sullivan's work with Helen Keller. Good enough to win two Oscars!

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