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Heather Job
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Meet Heather!

Some people live life with their nose stuck in a book. I am one of those people.

Growing up, my world was pressed between pages. I climbed into closets looking for Narnia, built birdcages for the stuffed owl that would start flying at Hogwarts, closed my eyes and imagined myself in a cave eating lunch with the BFG.

I did this while my family road-tripped in a motorhome through the American Southwest. I did this while I was supposed to be learning fractions. I did this while I was supposed to be sleeping.

And I still do this, while I am supposed to be paying attention to my subway commute.

Since I was little, I've been passionate about reading and writing.

I read the first half of the Harry Potter series by myself in one month the summer after second grade. I wrote multiple (poorly-researched) historical fiction novels on a Smith-Corona typewriter. And I went bonkers with excitement when I got a boxed set of books from a favorite author for Christmas just a couple of years ago.

After graduating from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa a semester early with a degree in creative writing and communication studies, I'm working towards making my passion my job as I chase a career in children's publishing.

I love kidlit of all kinds–

  • Clever picture books with art that tells the story just as much as it illustrates it.
  • Middle grade with heart, soul, depth, and emotion.
  •  Historical fiction and funducational fiction.
  • YA with rich and delicious language that paints an image in your mind that won't leave.
  •  Distinctive narrators who replace the voice inside your head.
  • Stories that make me laugh, and cry, and wonder why I thought it would be a good idea to bring a book that elicits so much reaction with me on public transit. (Books have made me cry in public in NYC parks and subways more often than I would like to admit.)

I pick up adult fiction, sure, and general interest nonfiction here and there. But I am young at heart, and my heart belongs to children's books.

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