How Maisie O'Gracie Found Her Happy Place

by Nana Jen

smiling infant in knit hat

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, big, bouncy, baby girl named Maisie O'Gracie.

Maisie O'Gracie lived with her Mummy and Daddy in a little cottage with lots of rooms.

Whenever Maisie's Mummy or Daddy went away from her, she cried and cried.

Mummy and Daddy worried: Maybe she's scared.

Maybe she's sad.

Maybe she feels all alone.

Maybe she's trying to say, "Come back".

Maisie thought that if she kept crying, it would make Mummy and Daddy come straight back to her.

But sometimes Mummy and Daddy just had to let go for a little while. Daddy went to work most days.

Mummy cleaned the house...

...washed the clothes...

... cooked the food...

... and did the shopping...

... and couldn't always carry Maisie...

... or play with her, at the same time.

One day, when Daddy was at work and Mummy and Maisie were home together.

Mummy said, "I'm going to finish some housework Maisie. I'm just going into the next room. I'll be back in a little while."

She went into another room to do some housework and left Maisie safely on the floor with her toys.

When Mummy walked away, Maisie felt alone and wanted Mummy to be back, with her.

She cried and cried, wanting Mummy to come back now!

After a little while she felt tired from crying and calmed down while she caught her breath.

While she was gently sobbing, she noticed the happy face on one of her toys.

Maisie drifted into a happy place (dreaming awake, of that smiley toy playing with her).

She started to feel happy and safe again.

... and guess what?

While Maisie was in her happy place Mummy came back into the room.

Mummy said, "See Maisie, you didn't need to cry after all! I came back, just like I said I would."

Maisie was so happy that Mummy was back...

... and Mummy was so happy that Maisie had stopped feeling frightened and sad.

They had big smooches and lots of chuckles and cuddles.

Mummy was finished the housework now, so they played and played till Daddy came home from work.

Then he played too!

Maisie knew that she didn't need to feel sad or frightened if she couldn't see Mummy or Daddy sometimes.

Because they both loved her and they always came back when they said.

Maisie also knew that, now, she could play on her own sometimes and have fun with her toys all by herself!

Yah, Maisie... Happy times for you!

The End

Copyright Nana Jen Berthet, 2011

The author lives in Binnaway Australia.

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