Happy Adoption Day
written by John McCutcheon
illustrated by Julie Paschkis

from the song by John McCutcheon

John McCutcheon's Happy Adoption Day
Illustrations by Julie Paschkis

Children's book review by Steve Barancik

Ages 1-4

A children's book - and song - about adoption

Taken alone, this book might not be the greatest picture book of all time. (Or even the greatest adoption book.) But keep this in mind: instead of "written by," the cover says, "lyrics by."

This is a picture book derived from a song, so the book should probably be considered in conjunction with the song from John McCutcheon's CD, Family Garden. (Click the link and then press the play button to hear a sample.)

McCutcheon is a popular children's singer who performs in a folksy style. The song is sweet and slow, perfect for very young children.

The book can be described in much the same way, but taken alone it feels a little "thin."

It depicts a childless couple leaving home, flying on a plane, and bringing back a new child "on that wonderful morn." Which just happens to rhyme with...

And all of a sudden this family was born.
Oh, happy Adoption Day!

A very nice sentiment, and it's not hard to see how this book could be a sweet comfort to a very young adopted child. Paschkis's illustrations have a comforting, childlike, folk art feel to them as well.

So here's my thought: this really isn't a book I can recommend buying on its own. But throw in the 99 cents (actually, last time I checked, it was free) for an MP3 download, and all of a sudden you have a beautiful bedtime routine for your new child!

It's a readalong, singalong that's sure to make your new addition feel loved and treasured.

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from Happy Adoption Day

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