Grandpa Ate Grasshopper Legs
by Carol Dose

grasshopper cartoon

Megan loved grasshoppers.

Ok…she didn’t love everything about grasshoppers.

She didn’t like when they spit on her.

And she certainly didn’t want to eat them!


She did like listening to them chirp…

…watching them hop around in the tall grass…

Most of all, she liked…

…catching them!

She’d catch grasshopper after grasshopper after grasshopper, giggling at the tickly feeling she got as they sprung from her hand.

One day after she’d been outside chasing grasshoppers, Daddy sat her on his lap and said, “your grandpa ate grasshopper legs when he was a boy.”

“Gross!!!” squealed Megan squirming excitedly.

Saturday came and Grandma and Grandpa arrived. Megan was excited! They were having a picnic in the yard.

And she was going to find out if Grandpa really had eaten grasshopper legs.

Daddy fired up the grill and helped Mommy get the food ready while Grandma and Grandpa played with Megan and her little brother, Trevor.

“I like grasshoppers,” Megan told Grandpa.

“Really? Did you know I like to eat grasshopper legs?” Grandpa asked.

“How do you like them?” asked Megan.

“Fried up good in lots of butter!” exclaimed Grandpa with a slurp.

Megan skipped off into the yard. She stopped at the grill and talked to Daddy on her way to the tall grass at the edge of the yard.

When Mommy called everyone for lunch, Megan had a surprise for Grandpa…

… an appetizer just for him!

She had fried some grasshopper legs in a frying pan on the grill. Fried ‘em up good with lots of butter!

“You just pretended!” she said after Grandpa picked up a leg, chomped at it, gulped and dropped the leg on the ground.

Megan jumped up and down and clapped as Grandpa really, truly ate the second one.

“No, but I could catch some more!” she declared.

“Yum! Are there more?” asked Grandpa, smiling. “Maybe next time,” said Grandpa. “I need to save room for this wonderful meal your Mommy made for us.”

Megan smiled thinking, “Grandpa really does eat grasshopper legs.”

The End

Copyright 2007 by Carol Dose

Dedicated to my father, Fritz Dose, who really did eat grasshopper legs and my niece Megan Dose, who might have fed them to him if she’d had the chance.

Carol lives in Minnesota, USA.

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