Going to See Santa
by Auric Zygala

kids on santa's lap

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‘Twas the month before Christmas when all through the halls
the children were playing with their dolls, toys and balls
The wish lists all written and looked over with brief pause
It is time to deliver them, to the one Santa Claus

Mommy brings my favorite toy, to keep safe by my side
Daddy helped me into the car, now we’re ready to ride
To the mall seeing Santa, to present the special list...

Ready to smile, take a picture and share my special wish

We stand patient in line with the other girls and boys
A Santa doll is a surprise, to play with in line
A play camera to make-believe picture taking with Santa doll is fine
Hoping to hug the real Santa before my naptime

With lists of our dreams, wishes, clothing and toys
Holding mom’s hand with tight grip, next in line after this boy
Filled with excitement to see Santa, big bearded and red
I am going to sit on his lap and hear what is to be said

“Ho Ho Ho” laughed Santa as I looked back with a grin
I turned to the elf, smiled at the camera and ready to do it again
Everyone is now happy, Santa smiled, I did not cry
For my picture has been taken and I did it on one try

“Now Olivia, now Carter, now mommy and daddy
We saw Santa, now let’s go home and decorate the tree”
With a smile and a hug, my wish list given short and sweet
I want simply to be happy with my family, together and in peace.

The End

Copyright by Auric Zygala 2009

Auric lives in Maryland, USA.

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