Stop and Look at God's World
by Donna Drion

Donna Drion's Stop and Look at God's World

Christian children's book review by Jane Finch.

Ages 2-7

Look at God’s world and the beautiful things He has made

I love books for children that draw their attention to the natural world around us.

Stop and Look at God's World is a lovely pictorial journey as the young reader turns the pages to discover all the beautiful things in our world.

I like the approach of this book. It doesn’t just say how lovely a flower is, but asks the reader if they have ever stopped to look at a flower and thought about how it was made.

I find that a really nice approach.

Think about mom at home baking cakes, or an artist painting a picture, then look at a world globe and see how much and how beautiful is the world that God has created.

The story suggests how the Bible can teach about creation and how God created everything, and this also shows the children sitting with their father, discussing the Bible.

The book then looks at the birds and tiny animals like the hedgehog, from feather and fir trees to hands and sheep horns.

There is a beautiful double page illustration of a butterfly, which is used to emphasise what a great artist the Creator is.

There are further examples, of stars and snowflakes and flowers and fruit. At the end there is the reference for the reader to taking a look at themselves to see what a wonderful creation they are.

I really like this emphasis. Again, it is so good for a child’s self-esteem.

This book has a simple question and answer session at the back of the book. Questions such as “What else did God make?”

There is something else with this book, a clever addition to hold the young reader’s attention. Look for the sneaky snail that appears in the illustrations throughout the book. The reader can follow his journey through the pages.

Stop and Look at God's World is one of a series of three. The others are

Both are reviewed on this site.

The author, Donna Drion, has a degree in illustration and she clearly uses her gift to bring this book to life for the young reader.

Although she grew up in England, Donna now lives in America with her husband, who is studying for the pastoral ministry.

A hardback book of 32 pages with wonderful illustrations throughout.

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