The Girl Who Got Lost in Her Bed
by Dale Emmert

buried in garbage

There was a girl named Elizabeth who didn't like to pick up after herself.

She liked to lie in bed and watch TV.

Sometimes, she got hungry, so she went the kitchen and got snacks.

She ate some crackers.

"After this show is over, I will throw the wrapper away," she said.

But then she never remembered to throw the wrapper away.

Then she drank some apple juice from a box.

"When there is a commercial, I will throw this box away." she said. But she never did.

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That night, Elizabeth slept with cracker wrappers and a juice box.

The next day while she was watching TV, Elizabeth ate some cookies and drank a can of soda. She said she would throw away the cookie wrappers and soda can after her favorite show, but then she forgot.

At the end of the week, Elizabeth was sleeping in her beautiful bed with four stuffed animals, cookie wrappers, two soda cans, five cracker wrappers, three juice boxes, two apple cores and some orange peels.

"I will throw all of these things away when I get a chance," she said.

But it seems she never got a chance.

After two weeks, Elizabeth was sleeping with four stuffed animals, cookie wrappers, four soda cans, fifteen cracker wrappers, ten juice boxes, six apple cores, some orange peels and five banana peels.

One night, Elizabeth rolled over in bed and felt something slimy. It was part of a banana that she didn't finish the day before. It had some hair on it, but it tasted all right.

After two months had passed, Elizabeth was having trouble climbing into bed, because it was piled high with four stuffed animals, cookie wrappers, ten soda cans, eighteen cracker wrappers, twenty juice boxes, twelve apple cores, some orange peels, ten banana peels, twenty half eaten bags of potato chips, the crusts from ten peanut butter sandwiches, and twenty-five half empty plastic water bottles. After three months, one morning Elizabeth woke up.

"It must not be morning yet, because it is still dark," she said.

Then she realized she had sunk down into a pile of cookie wrappers, soda cans, cracker wrappers, juice boxes, apple cores, orange peels, banana peels, potato chips, bread crusts, and plastic water bottles. It was dark because she was buried in garbage!

"Help!" Elizabeth cried. No one heard her because of the garbage on top of her.

Finally, mother came in her room to wake her up, except she couldn't find her.

She had to call the fire department.

The fire department came with a long ladder. They climbed to the top of the garbage on her bed and rescued her.

It took two days and 50 garbage bags for Elizabeth and her mother to clean up her room.

That night, Elizabeth was in her nice clean bed with just five stuffed animals and no garbage. She felt hungry, so she went to the kitchen and got a bag of chips.

"I'll throw this bag out as soon as this show is over," she said...

The End

Copyright by Dale Emmert 2009

Dale lives in New Mexico, USA.

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