How Sonora Got Her Own Room Back

Once there was a big girl named Sonora. She slept in her very own bed in her very own room.

The Coloring Book version

Then Sonora's mommy and daddy had a baby, and the baby got to sleep in Mommy's and Daddy's room! Sonora didn't think that was fair, so Sonora insisted upon sleeping in her parents' room too.

After awhile, the baby could sleep through the night and began sleeping in his own room. Mommy and Daddy told Sonora it was time to get back to being a big girl and sleeping in her own room. But now that Sonora was used to sleeping in her parents' room, she didn't want to leave!

She had lots of reasons. Maybe there were monsters under the bed in her room. Maybe she'd forget how to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night and stub her toe. Maybe Mommy and Daddy would forget to wake her for school.

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So Mommy and Daddy would put her to bed in her own room and check under the bed for monsters. They put so many nightlights between Sonora's bed and the bathroom that it looked like Christmas! And they gave her an alarm clock so she'd be sure to wake up in time for school.

But you know what? Sonora still got up in the middle of the night and came to her parents' room. And even though they took her back to her own room, Sonora kept coming back until they finally gave up and let her sleep with them.

Sonora decided she would sleep in her parents' room until she was grown up and had her own kids. Then maybe she'd sleep in her own room, or maybe just all of them would sleep in her parents' room.

One day Sonora came home from school and went straight to her room to get some toys, only to find out that her room was no longer her room. For real! All Sonora's stuff was out of it, and her daddy was turning it into an office! For him!

"You can't take my room!" said Sonora.

"It was your bedroom," said Daddy, "and bedrooms are for sleeping."

Mommy nodded. "Bedrooms are for sleeping," she said, "and you sleep in our bedroom now, right?"

"But what about my toys?" said Sonora.

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