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Integrity. When you get your children's book reviewed by us, you know your book will be held to the same high standards our reviewers apply to all books. Therefore your book review will appear with those others, not on some lesser section of the site.

Our paid children's book reviews are priced on a sliding scale, so unlike other online book reviews sites where your picture book review will cost you as much as some other author's 600 page novel, you'll only pay what you should.

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Get a children's book review with a difference

There is always risk when buying a book review: the risk that you'll get a bad review, the risk that you'll therefore be receiving little of worth for your money. At An Honest Read, we know and appreciate that. That's why we provide a very unique feature:

Quick Kill. Our Quick Kill feature means that if our reviewer knows after a few pages that he/she won't be reviewing your book positively, that's it! The review ends (if you want it to end), and 75% of your fee will be refunded to you.

Know too that we guarantee you will get your children's book review within 1 month of our receiving your book, and usually much, much sooner!

Purely online book reviews

Please know that An Honest Read reviews are published only on the Best Children's Books site and nowhere in print form. You have complete reprint rights though and are free to publish or post the review in whole or in part.

You are also encouraged to link to your review. This increases your legitimacy, and you can feel comfortable knowing that we will provide a link from our site to your book's Amazon listing (or a web sales page of your choosing if not listed on Amazon).

Here are reviews of some self-published books so you can get an idea of what a positive An Honest Read review looks like:

(Please Google any of the titles to see just how high our reviews rank!)

How to get your book reviewed

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