My Name is George. I'm a Cat
by Regina Gross

orange cat blue butterfly cartoon

Even though I'm a cat, we are very much the same.

I have a mom and you have a mom. Your mom tries to teach stuff and my mom tries to teach me stuff.

Sometimes, I think if i just go out of the yard for just one minute it can't hurt. Mom will never know.

One afternoon I was trying my hardest to catch this giant blue butterfly. He kept singing,"you can't get me, you can't get me".

I ran as fast as i could trying to get him. He flew into my neighbors garage and so did I.

Just as i ran in the garage, where I wasnt suppose to be, the garage door went down.

The butterfly flew out of a little crack in the door laughing all the way.

There I was stuck in my neighbors garage where I wasn't suppose to be.

"I wish i would have listened to my mom". "It is getting dark, I'm hungry and tired and just want to go home to my mom".

"I can hear her calling for me but she can't hear me". "I will be in so much trouble if I ever do get out of here".

"All through the night I could here my mom calling for me".

Before long, it was morning and the garage door was coming up.

I ran as fast as I could to my house and my mom was walking around outside.

"I have never seen her look so happy". She scooped me up and took me inside.

She was kissing me and telling me how worried she had been. My mom said, "George, i don't make rules to be mean to you. I make rules to keep you safe".

"Boy do I know that now. I will never go out of the yard again without asking my mom. If a butterfly dares me again to do something, I just won't listen".

"Take it from me, a cat named George, follow your mom's rules because your mom loves you too".

The End

Copyright Regina Gross 2009

Regina lives in Oklahoma, USA.

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