garden growing on thumb... what's the book?

by Gordon Child
(Spring, Texas)

Gaston's Ghastly Green Thumb

Gaston's Ghastly Green Thumb

I have searched and searched and can't seem to find this story.

It's about a boy who used to push vegetables on to his fork using his thumb (and people would tell him he shouldn't).

It somehow made his thumb start to grow a garden, and there were drawings of this boy dragging this garden on his thumb with him to school.

I remember hearing this story when I was little, and it got me to use my knife instead of my thumb from then on.

Does anyone know what this story is? I seem to think it was Shel Silverstein but haven't been able to find it.

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Garden Growing on Thumb
by: Meg

I am searching for this book as well! I have been telling my own children about this story & would love to find it. The author is not Shel Silverstein; I always thought it was Maurice Sendak, but unfortunately I don't think it is him either. If anyone can tell me the name or author of this book, I would greatly appreciate it.

Garden growing on thumb
by: Anonymous

Me too! Librarians look at me as if crazy!

book title
by: Darrell Baker

I was talking about this with my wife at lunch today, and couldn't remember the title. I did finally run across it; Gaston's Ghastly Green Thumb.

That book has stuck in my mind all these years. Everytime I see someone use their thumb to push something on a fork, I think about it. I didn't think anyone else had read it.

The only copy I could find was $35, so it will remain a found memory, but at least I did find a picture of the boy with his garden. That's really all I wanted was to show that to my wife.

Looking for this, too!
by: CJW

Thank you for providing the book cover illustration (with title), it immediately brought back memories like it was yesterday! As the previous commentator wrote, librarians looked at me too like I was crazy when I inquired after this book (at the very same branch where I once read it 40 years ago!!). Luckily, I just searched my local library's catalog, and they still have a copy of it in the stacks. Will be checking it out again, soon. Thanks!

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