Alex and His Five Furry Friends

by Rachel Mularz

cartoon cats

Alex lived in a little town, in a little house with five furry friends. These furry friends were not one but five fluffy kitties. Three were tiger striped; one was orange, and the other white with splotches of black and brown.

Rufus is the white, black, and brown kitty who likes to sleep all day. Alex always wants to play with him but he runs away. “ Be nice to the kitty, “ said Alex’s Mommy, “if you run at Rufus with a loud voice it scares him, and because kitties and animals can’t talk they tell you things in other ways.” “Okay.” said Alex, “how do they talk to us?” “Well, sometimes they meow, scratch, or bite, and sometimes they even growl,” said Mommy.

Tora is one of the tiger stripped kitties, and is much smaller than the others. Alex likes to feed Tora, she really likes green olives. “No, no,” said Alex’s Daddy, “Tora can’t eat too many green olives because it is people food and it might make her sick.” “Okay, no more olives.” said Alex.

Maggie was the smallest of the tiger striped and the fluffiest. Maggie is scared all the time, and Alex does not get to see her very often. “If you are quiet and clam, she will come out,” said his Mommy. “Okay,” said Alex, wondering why there were so many rules for his furry friends.

Thaddeus is the biggest tiger kitty, and he loves to play with Alex. Playing is so fun for Alex but Thaddeus still has claws. Sometimes Alex pulls Thaddeus’s hair and tail when they are playing. “No, no!” said Alex’s Daddy, “When you pull the kitties hair it is like pulling your own, and it hurts the kitty”, said Daddy, “and he might turn around and scratch you because he got hurt.” “Okay”, said Alex. Alex knew that he needed to follow this rule.

Foofy is the orange fluffy kitty with a lot of spunk. Alex loves to throw her toys, but many times he throws them at her and not for her. “Alex, maybe you should throw the toy past her or over her, so she can run to get it?” said Mommy. Alex thought that was a great idea! Sometimes Foofy would bring it back! Another rule to add to the list he thought.

Now Alex knew how to make the kitties feel safe by being quiet and clam. He knew how to play with them, by not pulling hair or pulling tails. Alex also knew that he could love the kitties by playing with them and loving them. Alex loves his five furry friends, in his little house, in his little town.... even if there are rules....

The End

Copyright Rachel Mularz, 2010

Rachel lives in Michigan, USA.

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