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Best Children's Books is the home of the
Children's Behavior Books!

Reading and coloring leading to better behavior!

These stories feature children who overcome their own problem behaviors. Their story can inspire your child to do the same!

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The Illustrated Versions of Our Behavior Books

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How Vansanna Learned
that Work Can Be Fun

How Timbo Learned
that Telling the Truth
Really Does Work!

How Tombo Learned
to Turn Off the TV

How Smoolie Became
a Shy-entist

How Boberto Learned to Like Being by Himself Sometimes

How Cocoona Learned to Clean Even Better Than Her Parents

How Only Baloney Got Cured of Spoiled

The Time Balooga Forgot
Other People's Feelings

How Bobo Learned
to Be Satisfied

How Sonora Got
Her Own Room Back