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ant dreaming of the moon

For the most part, these are not professionally written stories. So please know that Best Children's Books offers a professional critique service. Our feedback can help you take your own writing to the next level!

three color cats

Mark Rosario is a freelance writer and poet specializing in fables, fantasy, romance, and satires. He comes to Best Children's Books from Negros Occidental in the Philippines.

cartoon geese

In The Ant on the Moon, he tells the story of Suebai, a dreamer and the most ambitious ant in his colony. Suebai sets out to be the leader of The Great Ant Colony on the Moon.

Rachel Mularz is a mother of one, stepmother of two, married with a quaint little home and great family. One that I suspect includes a few cats.

dad helps boy catch fish

Alex and His Five Furry Friends features a little boy learning that each of the cats in his family requires a different approach and a different kind of care. The story reminds us that everyone is different.

William Meeks is married with a six year old daughter and a three year old son at the time he brings us the free kids book, Amanda the Gander and Goosewire Gill.

cartoon mice crossing river

William enjoys writing songs and short stories. Amanda is a true story, courtesy of the Meeks family, about keeping geese as family pets.

Courtney Groll wrote The Catch of the Year at age 23, living with her fiance and a son about to turn three.

dodo bird cartoon

Courtney's free kids' book is a story about a boy about the age of her own son going out on his first fishing expedition with his dad. Just when it looks like he's not going to catch anything...well, I'll let you read for yourself.

This is Brian Burris's first adventure into professional writing. He is a School Psychologist in a small district, and has a part-time counseling practice. He enjoys helping children and watching young minds learn new concepts. He is a husband and father of two adorable children.

Red dragon with wings and smoke

Across the Creek is the first of several stories Brian has written for his children as bedtime stories. "We live on a one acre lot that backs up to a wooded area. The stories are intended to help them understand what type of creatures may live in the woods, and how they may interact with each other."

Scott Mitchell is a Theater critic in New York. He has a written Science Fiction book for young adults, "Rebellion On The Northern Line." He wrote his free kids book, Donna and the Dodo for his nieces, Dora and Mijken.

cheese smell

In this rhyming story, a dodo bird escapes extinction on Mauritius and hides in a New York museum. A little girl discovers the dodo and sneaks him home. The moral of the story is that kids should get out and explore the world, not just stay inside. The story has a delightfully Seussian sense of absurdity.

two kids on Santa's lap

Cannon Clifton is a Doctor of Anesthesiology and Professional Engineer in the discipline of Chemical Engineering. He wrote this infant book after the birth of his first son, Greson James. Cannon currently practices medicine in San Antonio with his wife, and high school sweatheart, Amy Clifton.

hand sticking out of garbage pile

In Little Dragon Friend, your precious newborn takes a magical ride with his dragon friend to learn about animals, numbers, and nature.

Paige Hamrock is a 20 year old college student. She wrote this story in as an assignment for her Children's Literature class and simply wanted to get it out there to see if people liked it in hopes of maybe someday being published. She's a Junior and an Elementary Education/Early Childhood major.

cat thinks it's a lion

Her story, Stinky Cheese Louise, reminds me of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. She would appreciate any feedback on her free kids' book. Use the form at the bottom of her page to give it to her!

Auric Zygala - a native of Chicago living in Maryland - is the devoted father of Olivia and Carter and a loving husband. His family gives him great happiness.

In Going to See Santa, inspired by 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Auric's entire family makes an appearance, as Olivia and Carter meet Santa at the mall Christmas display.

blue butterfly and orange cat

Dale Emmert is a public school teacher and a grandfather in New Mexico. His granddaughter is constantly asking him to tell her stories and Dale is good enough to oblige.

The Girl Who Got Lost in Her Bed, Dale's free kids' book, is one of those stories.

You see, little Elizabeth doesn't much like cleaning up. After a few months, that causes some serious problems that only the fire department and 50 garbage bags can fix.

Also, read Dale's Measuring Growth. It's about a little girl who behaves poorly but takes it upon herself to admit her bad behavior in a very public forum!

David DeValois, an insurance agent living near Des Moines, Iowa, is a former newspaper editor and features writer who is trying to get the rust off the right hemisphere of his brain.

star smiling at sun

David would also like to chronicle some of his favorite memories from growing up in Iowa with three older siters, two parents, and an amazing Siamese cat.

dancing on raindrops

In his free kids' book, Look What the Cat Drug In!, Squeaky is a beloved family pet and young David's best friend in the world. Squeaky uses her natural hunting instincts to track down a garter snake in the vast wilderness of David's backyard. Then, she uses her skills of deception to get the snake in the front door and past the watchful eyes of David's mom.

Regina Gross is a mother of two grown kids in Oklahoma. A writer of poetry and short stories, pets have always been a big part of her life and often appear in her fiction.

George is a cat who has always been treated like one of the children. He tends to learn the hard way why the rules he's always breaking were made. Hi, My Name is George. I'm a Cat.

turtle on its back

Alina Shaposhnik is 23 and a novice writer, though she has much experience reading to kids as a special ed paraeducator, camp counselor and tutor to autistic children. Yay, Alina!

In A Warm Yellow Pancake, a little star wants to meet the sun. Are children the only ones who make wishes upon stars? What if a star made a wish upon a child in order to meet the sun?

Amanda Nicholas, from El Paso, TX, is a stay at home mom with 3 kids who practically require her to stay creative! She brings us the story of The Rainwalker.

turtle on its back

Sara is a little girl who gets very bummed out when it rains because her mom won't let her play. Then along comes a little boy named Alex. Alex Rainwalker. Alex likes to dance in the rain. Well, not exactly in the rain. More like on the rain.

I don't want to give away too much, but I will say that when her adventure is over, rainy days no longer make Sara sad!

cartoon blanket child

Renee Hall hails from North Carolina, where she's an elementary school teacher and mother to two boys. Her five year old serves as the inspiration for Happy Hedgehog Changes His Name.

grasshopper drawing

Happy prefers the name Jack. That's a disappointment to his parents, but their disappointment is nothing compared to the resistance Happy's friends Sunny, Cheery and Dreamy put up to Happy's new moniker. What's in a name? Read Renee's story to find out.

Jeff Harris's stories are intended to help children realize that good choices can be difficult to make, but once made, they’ll be proud of their decisions.

In Ginger's Journey, Ginger is a puppy on the way to her grandmother's farm who comes across other creatures in need of help. By putting their needs above her own desire to get where she's going, she earns some lifelong friends.

grasshopper drawing

Jeff is working on two other stories!

Heather Cross is a pediatric nurse educator who teaches newborn classes and plays mom to 3 year old Sara, whose relationship with her blanket comprised the inspiration for What Does a Diggle Do?, one of the shortest little stories on our site (and a rhyming one to boot).

player posts rugby

Heather aims to write professionally some day. Her sweet story speaks to the symbiotic relationship between child and blanket that she seeks to encourage. She knows that security objects are a natural and enjoyable part of development.

Dean Fink is a father of two and a third grade teacher with eight years experience. He'll tell you first hand that being 8 or nine years old is a valuable time with some hard lessons.

colorful girl dragon cartoon

The First Day of School is the first story in Dean's series entitled, "Homer's Third Grade Adventures." Homer is a mouse, but a mouse who goes to school! He learns the importance of certain character traits through interaction with peers and grown-ups alike.

Carol Dose lives in Minnesota. She grew up with a father who ate grasshopper legs. I've heard about eating your greens, but I don't think that's what they meant!

little girl dancing

In Grandpa Ate Grasshopper Legs! Carol imagines her 6 year old niece (who LOVES grasshoppers) having had the chance to see Grandpa make a meal of them. "Fried up, with lots of butter!"

Bring a toothpick for this one!

Bernard Katz is a husband, father of a two-year old little boy, and an Industrial Engineer. He lives, works and plays in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa.

snowy cabin in forest

Bernard's Will the Wing is the fastest rugby player in the World. This makes him a very good competitor who scores lots of tries. However Will the Wing has one very bad habit, which almost costs his team an important match.

Julie Mitchell lives in Central Michigan with her husband, two daughters, and Sheltie. She can be found playing dress-up with her girls or cleaning play-dough out of the carpet.

In Beanie Finds Her Bop, Beanie loves going to school but is struggling to find the confidence to participate in a popular game with her friends. She works to overcome her fear and is surprised to find the assurance she needs in a cup of dropped pudding.

multi colored christmas lights

(If you have a child with a behavior problem - and who doesn't??? - you'll want to check out my children's behavior books page for downloadable stories that can help!)

Jennifer Bryant lives in California with her two incredibly imaginative young boys.

Not many people can weave a princess, a garden, a dragon and a plate of cookies into the same kids' story but Jennifer can. Princess Fanny is an upbeat young girl who gives naturally. In this story, her giving is rewarded with some yummy getting.

Her story is called Princess Fanny and the Mysterious Smell. Now, a question for Jennifer: Does a dragon need an oven to bake cookies?

Melissa Smart comes to us from Saskatchewan, Canada. She has written many kids' stories, has published in local newspapers and Canadian Living Magazine.

pile of pumpkins

Five year old Wyatt is scared Santa is going to miss his house! He's been good all year, but the Christmas lights outside have stopped blinking. Wyatt knows blinking lights guide airline pilots onto the runway. Surely Santa must rely on them in the same way.

Wyatt resolves to make the The Christmas Lights blink!

dragon butterfly rainbow

Roscoe is a longer and more complex story than most of our other selections, but well worth your time!

Tammy Wilson is a mother of four from the heart of the U.S. - Oklahoma. And boy, has she imagined a scary scenario! The town in her story has canceled Halloween!

The children are horrified, but Tammy's story is presented from the point of view of Jack, The Pumpkin Seller.

Jack is a "pumpkinhead," and he knows his crop is meant for more important things than just bread and pies. Do you think he'll find greener pastures in Spook Ville?

boy with balloon

I like Garth Lawless. He lives in Katikati, in the Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand, and he writes of dragons, butterflies and rainbows. One thing I like about him is that he knows his grammar and spelling! Another thing I like about him is that he says this about his writing career:

"[I'm] just beginning the journey of letting all my stories for children I have in my head [be] told to the people who they are written for."

This story is called Dragon and Butterfly: What Dragon Learned about Rainbows. It's a story about Nature and Magic.

helicopter drawing

Betsy Humphries has four grown children and has done a lot of babysitting! When she reads to children she pays special attention to what they enjoy. Her philosophy: keep it simple so they can understand, and make it exciting so that stay interested.

Good advice!

Betsy's free kids' book, Jake and the Big Red Balloon is the story of a boy who encounters a balloon with just a little too much helium. Jake, of course, gets the ride of his little life!

And guess what? Betsy has now written another story. The Stray Cat That Ran Away is about who gets lost, gets found, and finds love with a little boy.

dogs at foot of staircase

Prepare for a real treat. Author Julie Buscher has chosen to share with us an electronic version of her fully illustrated, fully published chapter book, Homer the Helicopter. A full 69 pages long, Homer can be read by your older kids or read to your young ones.

You'll need Adobe to view it, and you'll probably have to adjust the settings to make it the right size on your screen. But it'll be well worth it! And then, when you decide that your children can't live without the real, page-turning version of Homer, Julie hopes you'll visit Homer's site to make a purchase!

monkeys teasing man

Let's hear it for Danielle Bruckert! She's a pilot in Windhoekl, Namibia (Africa!) who writes training manuals for airplanes. (In fact, she writes about that on my self publishing site.) For fun she writes kids' books.

The Stair Case is one book in her series about Big Mac and Little Dipper. Big Mac is an older dog, and Little Dipper is a puppy. Big Mac doesn't always have the greatest time of it; he's tired and sometimes experiences self doubt. (He sounds like a parent!) Little Dipper is defined almost entirely by his energy. He's good for Big Mac!

And guess what: Mac and Dipper are back again! Danielle treats us to a second adventure in the series, The Other Side, where the two pals ponder the question: how can you find a hole if a hole is something that's not there?

cartoon bluebird

Jeff Sojka lives in Iowa with his wife and son. He has a degree in Studio Art from the University of Iowa. (The illustration is his own!) Jeff is a musician as well as an artist, and a licensed pilot to boot. He works as a construction superintendent and has spent significant time abroad.

Fireman Fred and the Zoo Rescue is a rhyming story about a hapless fireman. Fred "rescues" all the animals in the zoo (it turns out there's no fire, so they didn't need rescuing!) only to find out that the burning building in town is the firehouse - Fireman Fred left the stove on!

girl holding flowers

Anthony Nicosia lives in California and works as a staff writer for the online magazine Affordable Audio. With a degree in Psychology, he weaves a children's story with an untraditional point of view.

We've all heard of the "bluebird of happiness" but we've never heard him speak. In The Adventures of Blue, The Helpful Bluebird, we actually hear from the Bluebird. Imagine a story about Santa...being told by Santa!

"Blue" helps children and adults alike.

And if you like Anthony's work, consider his free kids' book from a dream caterpillar's viewpoint. It's called, The Dreams of Timothy.

Janet Carr Gillie

Judy Goodridge is blessed to be a mother, grandmother, kindergarten teacher and nurse. She writes from Tennessee, and she craves feedback (which every writer should!). She presents a free kids' book about God's love and His plans for our lives.

Daisy is the story of a little girl who hates her name...until her relationship with her Lord makes her realize that it was a name picked just for her. This is one of our longer stories, so don't read it to a child who is already up late!

mouse playhouse

What a privilege this is! Janet Carr is not only sharing her story, Gillie, with us, she's sharing her original artwork as well.

Gillie is a grouper with a taste for adventure, and Janet's dreams for him are adventurous as well. She envisions any number of kids' books featuring Gillie. Janet actually wrote and illustrated this delightful book 12 years ago, so I'd say Gillie is finally getting a much-deserved viewing!

fairy adventure

Janet hails from Texas, USA and has had publisher interest in her illustrations. It's not hard to see why.

Tammie Smith writes about love. From Georgia, USA, she brings us a tale of love and sharing as seen through the eyes of a child. This is a story of goodness, growth, change and maturity.

The little girl in Victoria's Playhouse learns to share with little beings even more helpless than herself. She helps them cope with change, and she watches out for their emotional and physical needs.

clown train tricycle toy

In this free kids' book, Victoria resides in her parents' house, but she makes her own playhouse a residence for others.

And now Tammie brings us another story, this time about four girls, their mom and a dog named Red.

They say animals have a sixth sense that humans don't. Red senses what makes the family's mountain home mysterious, even before the family does!

little girl with dog

Heather Burke is a single mom who likes to write in her spare time. Her story, Lilac's Big Adventure, is a longer story than most of our stories, but perfect for kids who like fantasy and fairies.

Lilac is a fairy princess who doesn't quite live up to her fairy princess duties. That is, until her kingdom, The Land of the Fairies, is threatened. Then she really comes through!

two cartoon mice

Tracey Allen doesn't tell us much about herself, but after reading this free kids' book I'm guessing she has sons by the name of Jalen and DJ.

Tracey wrote Jalen's Big Surprise, a lovely rhyming story about a little boy who finds out that birthdays aren't like Christmases: the gifts aren't necessarily waiting for you right when you wake up! Fortunately, everything works out in the end.

yellow ribbon

Alvin Clark, a veteran of the United States Air Force, brings us Brittany's Big Baby Spike, a free kids' book about a little girl and her dog.

He wrote "Brittany's Big Baby" to help his own daughter understand why their dog could no longer live with them.

child reading book

Kudos to Alvin and every other parent who writes for their child! (Want to give a similar gift to your child? Here's a page on this site that'll help you brainstorm a story idea and walk you through the writing process!)

The Adventures of Marty and Mack (Book 1) is an exciting story that comes to us from the mind of Seattle Seahawks fan Rodney Burns.

father and son

This story, the first in an intended series, chronicles the adventures of two young mice who run into a bit of trouble with the family feline. And it does so in rhyming couplets, which makes it a great read-to for the young ones.

My Daddy Cape: A Soldier Shares His Uniform is a story from the point of view of a young boy whose soldier father is about to ship out overseas.

cartoon ladybug

This touching story comes to us from Hillary Douglas, a real military mom.

(If you like the first book, check out the 2nd of the two free kids' books in Hillary's My Daddy Cape series.)

When you read the stories, I trust you and your children will join me in appreciation of Hillary's husband for his service, Hillary for her own sacrifice, and please send good thoughts their way.

picture of sock

The first chapter of Kevin Richardson's Circle of Darkness is a first for this site. All of our previous submissions have been picture books.

This thriller is the opening of a 500 page chapter book! Have your child read it then cross your fingers it gets published!

Kevin has honest-to-goodness experience in children's storytelling. He's been the animation director for a number of kids' tv shows. He's also worked on at least one movie and has produced over 20 interactive video games for kids.

drawing of two cats

When you read Circle of Darkness I think you'll see the professionalism shine through.

Erik Humphries conceives Mentasia - The Way of Imagination, as just one part of an all-encompassing "story universe" called Mentasia.

drawing of baby chick

This free kids' book conveys the "ultimate power that is imagination," as well as imagination's effect upon an ever-changing world.

In Mentasia, a little boy can effect the course of the sun through the sky! (And here's the second of the two free kids' books in Erik's series.)

My Pet Ladybug is based on the true tale of a little girl who kept a pet ladybug and fed it people food! Kandy Schlosser brings you this sweet story.

Before you read it, ask your child what he/she thinks will happen!

Visitor Julie Owsik shares with us a delightful rhyming story answering the eternal question, "Where Did The Other Sock Go?"

I love stories that put children in the shoes of adults; I think they help in the task of teaching empathy. This story does just that. As the first line says, "Grown ups do laundry every day..."

Another of our free kids' books that teaches empathy is this one by visitor Francesca Walker.

Here we see the new kitten from the old cat's point of view. It's called, The Long Tails of Maui and Kasi.

And what a great story it is for a child expecting a new brother or sister!

free children's book cover

This free kids' book by Claire Robinson may have the ring of truth. If so, it's likely because Claire grew up in a family of 12 kids. It's called Jane and the New Chicks.

The little girl in it just happens to have nine sisters and two brothers!

I can't tell you much about Tricia Blake. She comes from Jamaica in the West Indies. She is a 29 year old children's book author.

Her story, My Dog Smiles, is aimed at the little ones. It's about an unnamed little boy and a dog called Lucky. Think of it as a love story about a boy and his dog.

The Fabulous Sock comes to you courtesy of Jonnie Simone. It is not only a great read but beautifully illustrated.

(Jonnie has his own website, Charlie's Child Book Club. If you like his book, do please check him out and contact him to let him know!)

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