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A free children's book library I'm hoping to grow

Giving away free kids' books? But I'm a professional writer! I'm not supposed to do anything for free.

Be that as it may...

I got into this website thing when I started writing children's books for my own daughter. I had an ulterior motive. I was trying to help her with a couple of problem behaviors.

It worked... and it turned out that as kids' books they were good enough to stand on their own.

fish and laughing monkey

They lack pictures, because that means your child can have the experience of illustrating them. (It's an activity!) And while they may not be quite free, they sure are cheaper than books you buy in the store.

Check 'em out, then print 'em out!

And remember: they may improve a problem behavior.

On this page I'm trying to create a free kids' book library of books from visitors to this very website.

Most of these people are not professional children's book authors. (But a lot of them are sure working on it!)

Martin Fogarty works as an ESL teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. He is originally from Seattle, Washington and holds an English degree from the University of Oregon and a TEFL certificate from Samui TEFL. He enjoys music of all genres as well as theater.

Felix, the Fastest Fish in the Sea is handsome, incredibly fast, and undefeated as the ocean's most successful racing fish. But an unexpected happening will throw him into a world he is unfamiliar with and force him to learn humility.

Snake on a Bike, by Teresa Bresler

Teresa Bresler lives with her husband, two young children and their old dog, Bart. She loves reading children’s books (a lot), almost as much as she loves writing and telling stories of her own.

In her rhyming story, Snake on a Bike, Roger the snake (and his bike) come to the aid of a friend in need.

Thoughtful Marbles, by Laura Miller

Laura Diana Miller created Miller Kids University, which offers many free online learning resources including books, courses, quizzes, newsletters, magazines, clubs, and videos for elementary level students.

In her story, Thoughtful Marbles, a girl receives a special gift of colored marbles, each of which represents a different type of thoughtfulness.

bug cartoon

Michelle Mullins is a mom from Maryland with two teenage boys. She works in a public, primary school.

And that means she probably knows what she's talking about in this sweet poem about a little boy sent home from school with lice. He's scared and frightened when it happens but feels just fine about the incident after it's all over. (And somebody else gets them!)

Jude Harrison-Smith offers a tale meant to build a child's self-esteem. A little star loses his twinkle when the biting words of others hurt his feelings. How to overcome hurt feelings and stand tall (and shine brightly) is the story's theme.

Ms. Harrison-Smith is from Runcorn, Cheshire, England. Her story is aptly entitled, The Shining Star.

little girl jumping on the bed

Steven Johnson is a new author who cares about education, with a concentration on Afrocentric character and values. His character Kayla is a young, curious energetic African American child who learns valuable lessons through experience and an engaging family dynamic.

His story is Messy Kayla. Steven hails from Mobile, Alabama. (And his second story in the Kayla series is Kayla and the Rainy Day Fun Box.)

three mice of different sizes

Christine Carpenter has one husband, three children, two dogs, a yard full of chickens, and a classroom full of elementary school children. (We're always honored when a teacher contributes!)

Her story, Three Gray Mice, spins the classic fairy tale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Her title characters use their wits to fend off a cat who wants to eat them!

cartoon chipmunk

Sarah Willis is the mother of three daughters, two of them identical twins. They keep her young and constantly thinking by having fun and being goofy. Book have always been a big part of their lives.

Sarah must like keeping them out of trouble! Her story, Chippy the Chipmunk, is the tale of a young rodent who makes the mistake of taking a cat at her word.

cartoon dog sits above city

Eli Marina is a human services professional living in Michigan. He wrote children's stories to entertain his children when they were younger. Now he's sharing one with us!

His poem, The Lost Little Puppy, captures the fear of being lost and the joy in being found. While strangers ignore the little dog, an old recognizes a suffering soul and does the right thing.

boy seen through car windshield

Casey Cox is a former English teacher, now an attorney. Her story, The Friend Above, features a boy and a talking cloud! No one else believes a cloud can be animate, but the boy does - and he's right. Faith has its costs, though.

pleading with teacher

Bob Rinker is a 45 year old father of 6 (3 are his) who are all grown up--5 of them with kids of their own. He does "paintless" dent repair on cars and trucks. He has a lot of creative ideas going on in his head, and one of them is writing. Having dropped out of high school to work, he knows his writing skills need much improvement but he's willing to put in the time!

His story, Fast Eddie, features a kid who talks so fast that the other kids have trouble understanding him. That means social difficulties for Eddie...until a new kid comes to school with her own communication issues.

title starting with A

Sabrina Moulton is a single mother of six, along two grandchildren (so far) and they're all incredible! She believes that a kids' book that sparks your imagination allows children to become the character and have a great adventure.

Her piece is entitled Always Awkward Alphabet. It features an absurdist alliterative sentence for each letter of the alphabet. (Don't know what "alliteration" is? Better read Sabrina's ABC!)

kids looking in cave

Kathy Goetemann is a teacher and artist living in Queens, New York. She has been teaching reading and writing to children for over fifteen years. She has published another childrens' book titled "The Girl With the Red Curls."

In The Golden Cave, Rosalba and Pedro are lost in the woods after Pedro ran ahead to find the new bike store in the village. As they try to find their way back home, they encounter some mysterious characters who will change their lives forever!

grandmother holding baby

Donna Boggs is married with four beautiful grandchildren. She has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 30 years and seen many children for heart healing.

A Grandmother Is Born: A Story for Anna describes the birth of one grandparent and highlights the special love between grandparents and their grandchildren. It guides the young reader through emotions that go with the painful process of having to say goodbye to those you love and teaches that love transcends separation.

dog with angel

Tony Langston wrote his daughter Brooklynn a version of this story, The Dogs Don't Bite in Heaven, when she was little. They both came across the story recently and decided it deserved to be shared with others!

monster with three eyes

Erika Sevilla is a stay at home mother of three from California who loves writing when she finds free time.

Her scary rhyming story, My New Neighborhood Monsters, tells the tale of someone who connects the odd new family of five in the neighborhood (they have three eyes each!) with a lot of missing pets.

girl with new roller skates

Trasey Poniris has a background in graphic design and over ten years experience in administration and desktop publishing, with a strong interest in art and writing. Her goal is to capture and encourage the imagination of the young reader.

Her rhyming story, Kate's New Roller-Skates, features a little girl who gets all her birthday wishes fulfilled.

girls playing hopscotch

Jennifer Krausse is married with two grown daughters and two grown stepchildren. To date, they have collectively provided her with six wonderful grandchildren.

Her story, How Mitzi Mae Learned to Play, features two friends with different play interests and styles. Bossy Mitzi Mae likes video, while sweet Marge prefers old school games. You'll be glad to know that Marge wins Mitzi over to her side.

cockroach and slug

Michelle Mullins - born in Tennessee, living in Maryland, and wishing she were in Costa Rica - is a single mom of two teenagers who embraces silliness and sarcasm in order to chuckle her way through the day. She illustrates, writes, and belly-dances.

Her rhyme, My Least Favorite Bugs, takes particular exception to roaches and slugs. Yet she can't bring herself to kill them!

boy on couch

Linda Colloton is an author, a playwright, and a parent from Provo, Utah. Her very short story captures a universal feeling among children.

Entitled Dream Big, a little boy details all the choices he'll get to make, all the things he won't be forced to do, and all the freedom he'll have when he's old enough to be his own boss.

boy with hose and fire hat

Anabella Fazio is originally from Argentina and now lives in New Zealand. In between, she worked as a nanny for an American family. She has 8 years of childcare experience, teaches sports to children as well, and has taken numerous courses in creative writing.

In her story, I Don't Wanna Go, a little boy's mother struggles getting him up and dressed. She lures him out of bed with the promise of being able to wear a costume to school, but the costume itself leads to unexpected adventure.

goofy prince and dragon

Leah Hazzard is a mother of two with one on the way. She has been interested in fantasy stories all her life and decided she would try her hand at writing a children's fantasy book.

Her story, Aloysius the Kidnapping Dragon, features a brave prince and princess intent on rescuing their royal parents from a dragon menace. But it turns out the dragon isn't as menacing as they thought!

old pickup cartoon

William Meeks is a father of one son and one daughter. He's worked in a power generation station for 25 years. His father always kept old cars and trucks on the side of their house growing up and William would play in them.

So William's poem, The Old Truck, should come as no surprise. A young boy tells where, in his imagination, that old truck takes him.

William also treats us to The Hungry Hurried Mouse.

brontosaur cartoon

Living in France, Jenny Barnard is an illustrator, but sometimes a picture suggests a story and she she just has to run with it. Apparently, that's what happened with It's Just a Diplodocus.

A boy's teddy bear narrates as the boy's dinosaur-obsessed fantasies turn to reality and a diplodocus appears in the family's garden...with a T.Rex to follow!

dragon gobbles moon

Floyd Jones has written professionally for more than 20 years; as a newspaper reporter and editor, a presidential campaign ghost writer, a freelance writer, and a technical writer for software products. In his spare time Floyd writes poetry, fiction, and tries to fill his children's heads with as much nonsense as possible. He's currently writing the first book in a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy geared toward teens.

Floyd's experience shows. His poem, Space Dragon Ate the Moon, is (so far!) the best written work submitted to this site yet. (That is, at least, in your humble webmaster's opinion.)

girl alligator

Nicole Johnson submits this piece while she pursues a degree in Social Work at Wartburg College in Iowa. Believe it or not, she wrote A Bayou Dream for a contest when she was in the sixth grade!

It's a Cinderella story set in a swamp and starring a crocodile named Ella. When Monsewer Croc throws a ball in the Gulf of Mexico, Ella wants to go. But her stepsiblings, Wart and Wanda, try to keep that from happening.

star shining brightest

Sarah DeLuca is a recent college grad with a degree in English. She wrote this story in high school and now finds herself wondering how it measures up.

In The Brightest Star, Astro frets that he doesn't shine as brightly as his friends. It isn't until Astro calls on The Sun for advice that he learns just what it takes to shine so brightly.

pink trees forest road

Angela Daughtry is a newspaper reporter n Fernandina Beach, FL with 15 years experience in publishing. She has a BA in English.

Ellabelle lives in a tree with her friend Thornaby, the crow. She grows herbs in a forest meadow near the village of Dapplediggs. When she sells her herbs to a rich man, she loses something she didn't expect. Oh, Ellabelle.

boy in bunny slippers

Laura Ellingson is a young mother from Trinidad who moved to the U.S. as a twelve year old. She lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and two children.

Her rhyming story is about a boy imagining flying to the moon with his stuffed companion. She calls it, To the Moon We Go!

castle over houses

Craig T. Ward, from Ketchikan, Alaska, has been a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1994. He's a husband and father of four. His stories come from the lessons he has learned through years of therapy experience.

In How to Be a Princess, a girl learns that acting like a princess is precisely the wrong way to go about being treated like one.

Craig also brings us The Heaviest Rock in the World. It's an allegory about letting go of our unhealthy compulsions.

green clown with red nose

Rebecca Hunt, from East Sussex in the U.K., is married to the real life Henry, the Prince of Clowns. So while we were tempted to call this one non-fiction, the talking hippos, elephants and snakes caused us to think better of it.

In Henry the Prince of Clowns Loses His Red Nose, Henry has to enlist the help of his various cirus animal friends to help him figure out where his red nose has gotten to. He can't make the kids laugh without it!

child raising hand

As a mother of three, Xavia McCloud is always looking for creative ways to engage her children. My oldest child, who loves to read, became bored with his book collection at one point and preferred for Xavia to make up stories. It was then that her love for children, and creativity came together and she discovered a passion for writing. Her stories come from a perspective of how a child understands the world around them; after all, she's really a kid at heart.

Have you ever wondered why we have arm pits? In Arm Pits? an inquisitive little boy asks what arm pits are for, then comes to his own cute conclusion.

fireflies in the night

15 year old Lauren wrote Tiny's Nightlight as a freshman in high school. It's the story of a little bird, Tiny, who is scared of the dark.

girl with treasure chest

Lauren is an avid writer, as well as an aspiring artist. She hopes for a career in Marine Biology.

smiling newborn

Adeola Uyeye comes to us from Ebutte-Metta in the state of Lagos, Nigeria. A businesswoman and mom to an infant daughter, she brings us Rose and the Treasure Hunting Game. We're extra excited about her story because she used our instructions to write it!

Adeola also brings us The Biting Bee, a free kids' book about a little girl named Honeybee.

frog on a log

Rose is a sweet little girl intending to make a bad choice, but who has a life-changing experience that helps her make a better one.

Jennie Berthet is an herbalist in North West NSW, Australia. Now she's a proud Nana. Check out baby's photo!

girl crying

How Maisie O'Gracie Found Her Happy Place, Maisie is a beautiful, big, bouncy, baby girl who cries and cries every time Mummy or Daddy walk away from her. Till one day she doesn't... and discovers she can feel happy and safe on her own.

Timothy Nielsen has three children at home that he loves reading to, and during story time each night he tries to read and tell stories that teach good values.

elephant cartoon

As a writer, he tries to write children’s books that inspire parents and entertain children. Here he presents, How to Be Happy, If You're a Frog. This frog tries everything he can to be happy, but it’s not until he stops thinking about himself that he finally finds the secret to true happiness.

A retired art and computer teacher from Kings Park, NY, Gina Cirincione is also Grammy to Sydney and Samantha.

smiling house

A character named Samantha is three years old in Gina's Where Can I Put My Boogies? Suffering from a cold, she doesn't yet know where it's okay (and where it's not) to put that gooey stuff dripping from her nose!

And here's Samantha again, as a two year old who, to her mother's chagrin, refuses to keep her socks on her feet at the mall. Read Samantha's Runaway Socks.

Brianna Noll is currently an English teacher in New Hampshire. She enjoys spending time with her husband Michael, an avid lover of elephants.

cat in fear

She takes inspiration from that interest with Kopano the Elephant and the Very Noisy Animal, in which a baby elephant comes across something very unfamiliar to him.

Natalie Terry has always dreamed of one day writing and publishing a children's book. She has five children of her own and is a teacher. Books are a part of her everyday life.

tiny roses in drinking glass

In her poem, Coming Home, a child catalogs the comforts of home through his five senses.

Laurie Ann Hunter writes freelance articles for both the Lincoln News Messenger and the Roseville Press Tribune newspapers in northern California. She has a regular assignment writing sports and civic articles for both newspapers and has written features as well.

first place pie

Out on a Limb is the first story in a series of two young, sister cats that are total opposites. Buffy is the feline with a responsible personality who loves her hearth and home. She hates to break the rules! Cindy is the princess Persian who lives to seek out new experiences and to push boundaries.

Amanda Martin lives below the redwoods in Northern California with a little dog and two fluffy cats.

She brings us a multicultural story comparing the variety, beauty and similar needs of roses to the variety, beauty and similar needs of children. It's called The World Is a Rose Garden.

shark carrying teddy bear

Susie King is a designer and illustrator from Dallas, Texas. This is her first book in a series of children's books centered around the residents of Career Town, a city that showcases different occupations.

Ms. Baker has just entered into a pie baking contest, but she finds out all the markets have run out of her most important ingredient!

pirate hat

Simon Beck was born in London, spent most of his childhood in Switzerland and the U.S., and is back now in London with his wife and two sons.

His Goodnight ditty is entitled Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark. What do all the creatures have in common?

parents arguing while child cowers

Eric Rice is a Texas born military brat, currently residing in Georgia, USA. He enjoys writing verse, whether poetry, rhyming stories, or lyrics. He has also been told he suffers from a Peter Pan complex.

In his free kids' book, Danny Makebelieve: Pirates, the main characters are three boys who use their imaginations. Their pretend hats, swords, and cannon balls are made from paper, cardboard, and water balloons. It is a rhythmic ride along with three young boys as they play out their parts in a childhood game of castle defense and attempted plunder.

purple beta fish

As a School Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ramona Hall has counseled children and families for the majority of her career. With a Masters of Social Work and a Clinical License, she is the mother of two grown children and was also a step mother of two. Currently, she works in the schools and also works part-time as a therapist at a local counseling agency.

dog looking outside

In Parker and His Parents, Ramona draws on professional experience to tell the story a boy whose parents' fighting scares him.

India Franklin enjoys writing and is passionate about the developement and education of young children. She graduated Towson University with a BA in Family Studies - Services to Children. India's free kids' story is Mona Finds a Home.

linked hands

Mona, the purple beta fish, wishes for a new home. When Nita notices her in the pet store, Mona shows her one trick each day of the week in hopes that Nita will take her home. When Nita doesn't show up on Saturday and Sunday, Mona gets worried.

Kristina Samuelson is a graduate of Colorado State University-Pueblo, where she majored in History and minored in Creative Writing. She has had a few articles and photographs published throughout the years.

sea lion balancing squirrel

The Small Little Dog Who Was Afraid to Play is her first kids' book. In it, a little one is conflicted about playing outside with others.

Anna Bergstrom is a senior in college who hopes to publish children's books someday.

laughing kid covered in paint

I hear Anna emulating Dr. Seuss a bit in this rhyming piece entitled, You. It's about celebrating being different, rather than trying to be like others.

And if you enjoy Anna's work, you'll also want to check out Do, about what to be when you grow up.

Ronald Miller has worked extensively with families at risk. He writes humorous poetry in his spare time.

pirate with parrot

In Equal Differences he combines those two interests to tell the story of Rusty and Rochelle, a sea lion and a squirrel who struggle to fit in with their peers but find each other.

Chris Matthews is a father of two and self-proclaimed roughneck (not redneck!) from Arkansas.

shih-tzu in picture frame

His rhyming story, Billy Buford Belvedere Blue is about a kid who cleans up his act! Billy is lazy, messy and doesn't do his chores. That is, until the kids at school start laughing at him.

Heather Steger is a stay at home mom for son Lucas. A child at heart, she hopes to become a published author in partnership with Lucas.

emoticon detective

The Treasure of Barnaby Island is one story in a planned series, "Lucas and Cameron's Make Believe Adventures." (Cameron is Lucas's cousin.) See where their make believe adventures take them!

Norman Kirkwood is a financial advisor for a bank. He's married with three kids...and a Shih-tzu named Sully.

polar bear and penguin

Sully, You're So Silly describes the adventures of family canine Sully, as seen through the eyes of the Kirkwood's 2 year old daughter Annsley.

Brandon Johnson was born in London, KY in 1974. Brandon is the author of the Evelyn Emily series that although unpublished have provided many hours of entertainment for his friends and family. Considered a triumph by some and a loony by others, Brandon spends his time raising his two sons and writing to amuse himself.

boy holding scissors

No One Is Going To Be In This Book is a free kids' book with no one in it...except you!

Letitia West is a kid! She wants to publish books but thinks she needs to practice her writing first. She has the right attitude for success.

hose wrapped around camel's hump

In Penelope Penguin's Journey Home, Penelope drifts away from the South Pole all the way to the North and then has to find her way back home. Along the way, she meets new friends, sees new places, and finds where her heart really is.

snake eyes bugging out

Dana Trauth is from the New Orleans area and loves writing fun and goofy stories. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Louisiana Tech University and is currently working on a Masters degree. She lives in Ruston, Louisiana where many moments are spent laughing with friends. She loves children and thinks they offer the world a simple perspective on life.

Her rhyming story, Peculiar Mr. Norsworthy and His Camel Tootsie Lou, tells of a camel that needs learn better manners, or a negative outcome will likely result.

bee line drawing

Stephanie Travers is a former preschool teacher with four kids of her own. Telling her own stories to her students - and then hearing the students ask why her stories weren't in the library - motivated Stephanie to get those stories down on paper!

Ethan the Lefty is a story about Stephanie's son, the only left-handed person in his family and in his class at school.

turtle in shell looking out

Seán Robinson is an Irishman. He writes personal poetry for his own enjoyment, but this is his first effort at a rhyming children's story.

Cecil Blade is a friendly snake with a bit of a hissing problem. That scary sound makes him keep losing friends! A flying fish, of all things, provides the cure.

turtle in shell looking out

"Grandma Heppner" is a Grandma (go figure!) who lives in the town of Heppner, OR. Her story, The Great Escape at Bizbee Barn, is inspired by the Heppner food of 1903.

And she's contributed a second story as well. The O Fish and the Jelly Goo. She wrote it after reading an article about a fishing boat that inadvertently reeled in a container of toxic mustard gas. Her underwater "kids" are fish that - just like our own kids - have to be careful about where they play!

Matthew Cline is an 8th grade Science teacher with a kid's heart. He's married with a seven year old daughter and one on the way! He wants to inspire kids to use their imagination and be as creative as they want.

boy asking why

In Sid the Kid and His Lost Imagination, Sid's teacher wants him to use his imagination for a homework assignment. But Sid isn't quite sure what an imagination is, and is quite sure that if he had one he must have lost it!

Becky Cox lives in Minnesota with her husband and 2 young sons. She is a stay at home mom with a passion to write and a goal of publishing a book some day.

purple hippo clipart

Tommy the Timid Turtle is the story of a turtle with a fear of the deep dark water below him. He conquers his fear with the help of some friends - each with a fear of their own! (See if it doesn't remind you of The Wizard of Oz in that way.)

Laura Barnes is a happily married mom of 3 small children in Colorado. She has written many kids' books and hopes to publish some day.

tricycle boy

I Wonder Why explores many of the whys children wonder about and encourages readers to keep asking questions. (It's also one of this webmaster's very favorite free kids' books on this page!)

Jeffrey Duane Stone lives in Santiago in the Dominican Republic. We don't know much about him, but we know a lot about his character, Chatty Cherry Hippo.

ostrich on plain

Chatty is nine years old and wears pajamas with a cherry pattern print. Her brothers are Melvin and Marty (though they don't appear in this story). She thinks with her heart, and her favorite colors are pink and fuchsia green.

Jeffrey presents another story as well. Mr. Smartypants is a story about a child who's bullied because of his unusual name. The story is meant to teach morals and values, self-motivation and self-esteem.

Jeanne Patton is a single mother with two little boys who keep her very busy and very entertained. They are her inspiration for mostly everything.

No, No Sweet Tobias is a story about a little boy who wants to do everything that his mommy does, but she tells him that certain things are just for girls.

George Xenophontos (BS, MS) serves in vocational Christian ministry. He regularly works with kids of all ages and backgrounds. He is the author of Duty of Don’t and is joyfully married with children.

There's something about Kip. It's his passion for animals. Then the big day comes for the class trip to the zoo! While visiting the many animals, his teacher points out the ostriches. Instantly, Kip has to know Why Ostriches Don't Fly. It's something he eventually discovers — with a little imagination!

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