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Whoever said, "Nothing is free," had clearly never visited a library or surfed the internet.

The Library

You didn't forget the library, did you? I know I sometimes do. When I need a book, the first thing I do is go to the computer and check Amazon.

Twenty-five bucks later, I remember the library.

Here's a great resource. The Federal Government's Library Locator finds the libraries nearest you. Type in an address and you're on your way to a collection of free children's books that dwarfs anything you'll find on the net.

Library Locator helps you find not just the libraries near your home (you probably know about those), but those near work (bring home gifts that cost you nothing!) or when you find yourself out of town.

And don't forget that most public libraries these days have an online presence as well. Search the catalog and do your renewing online too.

Turn 3 weeks of free children's books into 6 without leaving the house! You know how much your kids like to read and re-read.

A free children's book alternative.
Free because you - and your child - make it.

My mother taught me long ago that the gifts carrying the most meaning are the ones you make. So how about writing your child a book?

(Now I'm not talking about a chapter book. If your child has progressed past picture books, you should probably check out our list of classic public domain children's novels.)

I know, I know. I'm asking a lot. But picture your child 20 years from now cradling a book that you and s/he made together and reminiscing.

Q: You keep saying, "Together." What do you mean?
A: You write. Your child illustrates.

Do you think a book you create together will have more meaning than her umpteenth Disney Princesses© book or his Encyclopedia Of Yucky Creatures That Make Mom Scream?

You know the answer. So let me tell you how to do it.

Do you need a little more persuading?

Maybe it'll help you to know I've done this with my daughter. Know this too: she already loves and cherishes the books we made together.

I know this is daunting. You wouldn't have clicked on free children's books if you weren't looking for an easier way out.

Yes, it'll take a little time. But I'll walk you through it. Chances are that the free children's book you write will have less than a thousand words.

Not much more than you've already read on this page.

But chances are you're more daunted by the nagging fear that you're not up to writing a children's book.

Put those fears aside. I can almost guarantee you that

  • People have written - and published - worse children's books than you're about to write
  • Your child - who worships you - is going to be impressed no matter what you write
  • Your child will treasure the opportunity to illustrate the book
  • Your writing will be more accomplished than your child's drawing!

I'll even give you some suggestions on subject matter. (And I just happen to be a professional writer.)

So check it out.

Free Children's me!

I'm primarily a screenwriter, and I'd never written a children's book, but I have a child and I know how to tell a story.

On this page, two free children's books, you'll get access to two pictureless picture books I wrote for my daughter...books that have an added benefit I'll tell you about when you get there.

Why pictureless? Because I'm not an artist and because your child loves drawing. This is an opportunity for your child to illustrate his or her own book!

And on this page you'll access free kids' books from writers who have come to this site and been inspired to write. See what you think!

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