by Leo Lionni

Leo Lionni's Frederick

Book review by Tamara Splingaerd

Ages 4-8

Poet mouse proves his value during the cold colorless winter

It’s no secret that I derive my adult worldview directly from my childhood reading materials. I believe everything really is that simple. Among other things, observation, creativity and curiosity are necessities for a fulfilled, contented life.

Frederick by Leo Lionni - summary and review

Leo Lionni not only understands this but is willing to gift this knowledge to your children in the most accessible form. Through art, poetry and a precise character vision, he delivers picture books that lodge themselves permanently in one’s soul. (Read Tamara's review of another Lionni classic, Swimmy.)

Frederick is no exception.

Lionni’s humble mouse sits nearly motionless as his family gathers the utilitarian supplies necessary to survive the harsh winter. They aren’t overjoyed that Frederick isn’t gathering food like the others. They are skeptical when he claims to be collecting sunlight, words and colors for the bitter gray days ahead.

Winter arrives and the food sustains the group for a while, but soon the supplies have dwindled and they are out of things to say. They are feeling cold, gray and sad until they remember,

What about your supplies, Frederick?

Little Frederick begins to speak, describing the warm glow of the sun, the colors of blue periwinkles and the green leaves of the berry bush. Like magic, they feel warmth, they see the colors.

They ask for the words he collected and Frederick recites a poem he’s written about the seasons. His audience applauds, finally understanding his contribution.

But Frederick…you are a poet!

And Frederick blushes. After all, it’s nice to be acknowledged.

Lionni’s clean, textural collages are simple enough to portray perfect mousey cuteness, yet complex enough to show such emotions as diligence and humility.

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Frederick ponders while his family works

Frederick brings both a lesson and a warm, fuzzy feeling. If you haven’t already stacked your shelves, with Lionni’s works, fill that void ASAP. Especially if you’re wallowing in the doldrums of winter - all you’re missing is the magic of imagination, exactly as Frederick teaches us.

Webmaster's note: Frederick can be seen as Lionni's response to Aesop's The Ant and the Grasshopper.

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