Cute and simple

by Hasib Zaman
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

parrots and hippo

parrots and hippo

parrots and hippo
pink polka dot car
kitty cat book cover - your title here!
scared of dogs!

Cute and simple children's book illustrations

What should I say about my illustration? Illustration is the one thing I live for. It the best thing in the world to describe characters visually. It is the illustration that makes the first link with a child and makes him to move on with the book. It is the illustration that tells the story, and I love to think that at some corner of the earth one of my characters are telling story to a little child.

Why "simple"

I believe that most of the time complex illustration fails to deliver the story. The concentration of the reader becomes locked in illustration rather then the story. Then it becomes an artwork independent from the story. That's why I deliver simple forms.

On the other hand, children of 2-5 years of age can't concentrate on lots of stuff at a time. So it is easier for them if you create less distraction. For example, a realistic illustration of a cat vs the character Ogy. children are found of Ogy because of its simplicity.

My way to work: I love working in a disciplined manner. First I read the full story, Then I discuss with the author if he already has a picture in his imagination of the characters. Then I give my opinion and, after discussing, I start to establish the characters. Then I go for the story board.

After getting approval of author about the storyboard I come out head banging and rock on. There starts the happy illustrating!

When I get home in the afternoon, my wife sometimes asks, “Honey, what have you been doing at work today?” I reply: “I stood all day long and only created a little boy who will tell a story to little children at night.”

Do I love my job? YES! Please mail me on demand: Hasib.

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Japanese illustrator, manga style

by Ikuko IKEDA
(Perl, Saarland, Germany)

Sleeping lady

Sleeping lady

Hi! My name is Ikuko IKEDA, I am Japanese but I live in Germany.

I love manga and animation, so my artwork style is manga style but I can also do realistic art.

I can work digitally or traditionally, as you want!

I like to illustrate stories with many foods (I love eating), animals, fairy and fantasy. But I also like horror stories with zombies or vampires!

I've already illustrated some children's book and kamishibai in France. I've done one comic e-book too.

Don't hesitate to contact me! :)

I can understand English, Japanese and French.

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Colorful, Digital and Traditionally Drawn Illustrations

by Raquel Li

The Fluffy Tarsier

The Fluffy Tarsier

The Fluffy Tarsier
Save more than four!
you're crazy!
Book fairy

Cute, Fun, Colorful, Digital and Traditionally Drawn Illustrations

Hello! My name is Raquel Li, and I am a self-taught artist who can work in both digital and traditional media.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and, so, I would like to make a career out of doing what I would like to do most!

My art is inclined to the Japanese anime style, but it is not limited to that.

I usually use Adobe Photoshop directly for digital art, but at times, when the work needs more detail, I use a soft pencil sketch first before digitally creating it.

I can also create artwork in color pencil, watercolor and acrylics.

Since I am but a novice at what I do, I do not have a set fee. However, if a client is interested in my work, I am willing to do a couple of sketches for the character designs and type of style to be used at no charge.

We can start from there!

I hope I can work with you to create a truly memorable book that any child would treasure!

Please contact me at

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile!

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Reliable Children's Book Illustrator

by Arlene "LiN" Lorica

Mummy Why Are Storms so Scary? Ian More/Cuddlebear Publishing

Mummy Why Are Storms so Scary? Ian More/Cuddlebear Publishing

Mummy Why Are Storms so Scary? Ian More/Cuddlebear Publishing
Rainbow Family: Daddy Rainbow Saves the Day. Ian More/Cuddlebear Publishing
Tic Toc the Rainbow Clock. Ian More/Cuddlebear Publishing

Hi, I'm LiN. I'm a freelance children's book illustrator and graphic designer. I have 5 years' experience in graphic design and have done illustrations for children's book, children's game application, CD/DVD cover for children's catalog, storyboard illustration and a lot more graphic designs/illustrations.

To date, I have finished 15 children's picture book illustrations for my clients (each book contains 12 to 20 illustrated pages )

I am very proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I can do freehand illustration and vector art illustration. I love to create colorful, playful, fun art.

Interested in my design/illustration services? Email me for any questions or for your quotation request.

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Freelance Illustrator from Malaysia

by Tina Paul

Depp at Piano

Depp at Piano

Depp at Piano
Bunny in Grass
Elf with Cardinal and Peacock Feather
Cartoon Animal Birthday Party

Tina Paul, Freelance Illustrator

I was born in Perak, Malaysia, in 1984. My love for art came at a very early age.

As a child I was always drawing something - mostly cartoon characters I had seen on television.

I studied at The One Academy in Malaysia and graduated with a diploma in Illustration in 2005.

I currently work as a background artist at a local animation company.

My style is mostly realistic figures and portraits in colorful, bright colors.

I’m also versatile enough to create artwork in various styles and mediums. As of late, most of my work is done digitally using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Painter.

When I’m approached with a project, I’ll usually begin with a couple preliminary sketches to present to the client. We will brainstorm and discuss the terms. Once the terms have been agreed upon, I’ll proceed with more detailed sketches and color thumbnails if necessary.

I’m also open to collaborative projects with other fellow artists.

My fee varies depending on the complexity and the length of the project.

E-mail me for samples.

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A weird children's book illustrator

by Calvin

Nightmare Vending Machine

Nightmare Vending Machine

A weird children's book illustrator

I’m an observer, I’m quiet.

I’m a thinker and like to live in my imagination.

I’m an adventurer. I strive to find out what life means.

I use colour pencil for memories,
watercolour for dreams,
oils to preserve,
black inks for nightmare,
and digital paints for the future.

Contact me at Calvin's Artfolio.

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Dec 18, 2010
fantasy books
by: Pekasus2011&

I am looking for an animation artist to illustrate a children's book that is written with the idea of making an animation movie from it.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Yours, Asya

Aug 11, 2010
you are not weird...
by: Deborah Eve Alastra all! You work is very unique, and you are very talented. I especially love your traffic jam piece. Best of luck.

Deborah Eve Alastra

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Illustrating - Photo Retouching

by Jakka

Waking up in a field of sunflowers

Waking up in a field of sunflowers

I specialize in illustrating and photo retouching.

My favorite style is fantasy - dreaming that lets us travel to the other worlds.

I love to do work that gives happiness to people.

Sometimes I illustrate the dark side, but that's just to contrast with the positive to come.

Contact Jakka.
(+66) 81565 9174

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Japan Meets Indonesia - Cartoon Illustrator

by Angling Tilarsih
(Leicester, United Kingdom)

Monster meets little girl

Monster meets little girl

My art is based on cartoon characters.

My art is basically Japanese in style, mixed with Indonesian. I'm capable of painting in watercolour, crayons, pencils, and coloured pens, but these days I enjoy drawing in Paint using a pen mouse tool.

I like to drawing simple things that capture the feeling of the storyline.

When I lived in my home of Indonesia, I usually made comic books about animals and cute monsters, selling the characters in booklets, calendars, even on glasses, mugs, shirts, and jackets.

Now, I'm willing to stretch.

I like to work under contract for an agreed upon length of time. Payment depends on the level of difficulty and how quickly you need the work done. Thanks.

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Dingo the Dinosaur

by Aaron Randy

Dingo the Dinosaur

Dingo the Dinosaur

This is a painting for my latest children's book, the story of a dinosaur boy named Dingo, who looks different from his friend, with different skin color and a long tail.

One day he meets a new friend, Tora, for a great adventure.

If you'd like to see more work, contact Aaron Randy.

Thank you.

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Oct 27, 2010
I am looking for Illustrator for first book
by: Julie Reed

Aaron Randy

I am looking for someone to illustrate my first book. I love your picture on your site of the man dipping the little girl, in gallery #2.

That is the type of art I'm looking for. My main character is a girl flea - I want her to be really cute. Her companions in the story are a dog (that glows that's scraggly but needs to still be cute) and a prissy little fluffy cat. If you are interested and can give me some pricing, I would really like to consider you as my first illustrator.

Julie Reed
email me at

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Japanese Illustrator

by Dragica Ohashi
(Kiyosu City, Aichi, Japan)

Girl with snowman

Girl with snowman

I am a digital artist and book illustrator currently based in Japan. I studied illustration in Japan (2004).

Please contact me at if you'd like to see more of my work.

Thank you!

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Thai Illustrator

by Tippmas Srisilpanundana
(Ratchaburi, Thailand)

jumping like an animal

jumping like an animal

jumping like an animal
A Little Praise For Me

Born and raised in a small town near Bangkok, Thailand, in 1980, I liked to collect and read storybooks.

One time my father bought a colored pencil and drawing paper. This was the first time I wanted to start drawing, and I’ve had a passion for drawing ever since.

I studied art at Silpakorn University in Bangkok in 1998.

I’ve been a commercial artist from 2002 until present.

I began as an illustrator working with storybooks, pocketbooks, and magazines among other things.


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Jan 22, 2012
contact address
by: Anonymous

This is my address:

We can communicate via email. :-)

Thank you,

Jan 22, 2012
Children's Book Project
by: Anonymous

hi, how can I contact you? email me at

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by Evelyn Seng

Book Creatures

Book Creatures

My name is Evelyn Seng, but I much prefer to be called Phish.

I am 20 years old and still studying in a college in Malaysia called The One Academy. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Very recently I developed a love for illustrating for children.

It brings me a lot of joy whenever I can connect with the world through my artworks, especially children. I particularly love creating an imaginary world with bizarre creatures - creatures that will still appeal to kids.

I also love drawing the existing world and modifying it with fantasy characters.

My style is more influenced by Japanese anime, but I am pretty flexible in changing styles whenever I need to.

I can do both bright/cutesy and also dark.

I am very comfortable with pencil and artline pens. I usually do my painting digitally using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Currently I'm also practicing watercolour.

My fee is negotiable.

You can contact me through my email:


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