Enchanting Illustrations

by Robin Gulack
(New Fairfield, CT United States)

Leopard Love

Leopard Love

I am a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor's in illustration. Many authors I have created art for have been enchanted - or at least very pleased -with my work.

Some experiences I have had were stories that were inspirational, adventurous, took place in certain countries or places, featured imaginative animals, a character's personal experience or ideas about life, and stories about a child's imagination.

My favorite subject matter is animals, whether they are realistic or imaginative, but the more creative an idea is the better I like it. It could be a story about a purple cat who loves to paint, or perhaps a poodle who has a passion for making pastries.

I also enjoy whimsical stories about inanimate objects or fantasy characters such as mermaids and fairies.

A device I have installed allows me to create art work on my computer, and I can do several different techniques. Some of my styles include simple cartoon drawings which look nice with my ink and watercolor "brush," a more painterly style using the pastel, acrylic, and blending "brushes," and the use of the watercolor "brush" to create a gouache painting effect.

The fee I charge depends on how simple or detailed an illustration is to be.

If the author wants a more simple, cartoony illustration with little detail, the fee will start at $30. If illustrations require much detail and research, the price range will be from $50 to $75 per illustration.

I have no website but authors are free to email me at rgulack7529@charter.net, and I will then send samples of my work.

I will create three color sketches of the ideas an author has. The more specific an author is in what he/she is seeking, the better. Any photos or ideas an author has will be appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

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Feb 09, 2011
Enchanting Illustrations
by: Anonymous

Dear Robin:

Love your prices!

I like your illustration, too.

I will definitely add you to my list of favorite illustrators.

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