Emily Rose Aguiló-Pérez
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Emily Rose Aguiló-Pérez
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My background

My name is Emily Rose Aguiló-Pérez, born and raised in Puerto Rico.

I am currently a doctoral candidate at The Pennsylvania State University in the department of Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Children's Literature with a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

In Summer 2011 I completed a Master of Arts in English Education from the Department of English at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez Campus, where I wrote a thesis about the portrayals of Alice in film adaptations of Lewis Carroll's books.

During my years as a graduate student there, I served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for two and a half years, teaching literature and writing. Upon completion of my M.A, I taught elementary school English at a private school in my hometown Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

For the past three years I have worked at Penn State teaching a course on children's literature directed at students who will become elementary school teachers and a course on teaching to English Language Learners.

My current research examines how girls create play and what narratives emerge from their play and interactions with dolls, specifically Barbie. I also engage in memory-work with adult women to explore their own play or non-play with Barbie dolls and the social and cultural implications these memories may have on their adult lives.

Children's books in my life

I enjoy books that stimulate the mind and don't think of children as simplistic. I especially enjoy picture books that feature detailed artwork that complements the writing. Moreover, I love the stories created through the illustrations in wordless picture books.

I find that books that treat children as critical thinkers instead of being too simplistic are especially good.

I read children's books basically every day. Be it for pleasure or work I am always reading books. Not only is part of my work as a researcher and educator related to children's books, but also on a personal level they have tremendous importance.

Children's books remind me of my childhood, and now as a new aunt, I am constantly looking at new books and evaluating them as books I would want my nephew to read. I want to share my love for books with him.

While I enjoy most types of children's books, I am currently invested more in baby books and picture books (stories, poetry, wordless). In this website my reviews will mostly focus on books by Latino writers and illustrators, because I think it is important to highlight the amazing work done by people who share my heritage.

I also (am trying to) keep a personal blog where I share some of my favorite books, highlighting as much as possible books written in Spanish. I hope you enjoy my reviews!

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