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As the library was my second home as a child, I feel very comfortable being your guide to good titles for the young. I am excited about being able to use my journalism degree from Ohio University regularly again after a hiatus of 20 years. To get myself back in shape, I completed the Writing for Children and Teenagers course from the Institute of Children's Literature from January 2008 to March 2010, graduating April 19, 2010.

I learned a lot in my class, but I was probably just recharging my batteries. I did work at The Parkersburg (West Virginia) Sentinel as the education reporter after graduating from OU. I won a second place award for the reporting of local governmental affairs in Division II in the West Virginia Press Association 1991 Better Newspaper Contest with two other reporters for our joint coverage of efforts to improve the Wood County Schools' athletic facilities.

Although I may not have done much recently with writing, books and children have stolen my heart during this long break. I became a librarian and have held full time positions with libraries in Sunbury, Ohio and Laredo, Texas. Most of the youngsters I helped were at the one in Sunbury, where I spent many hours helping out in the children's department.

I haven't limited my time with kids to the library, though. I also serve as needed as a substitute teacher with the Southwest Licking Local School District in Pataskala, Ohio and visit regularly with my young nieces Grace, Claire and Josie as well as nephew Jake.

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