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Author help! Editorial services for aspiring authors.

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Steve is the creator of this site. Before turning to the web to indulge his love of children's books, he was a successful screenwriter.

Editorial Services

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Looking for tough (but constructive) feedback on your manuscript? That's our area of expertise.

More on children's book critique services.

Editing and Proofreading

You can doubtless find cheaper, but you will probably not find better.

More on children's books copyediting.

Best Children's Books Editorial Services does not recommend contracting for editing and critique services at the same time. Why?

A critique resulting in a substantial rewrite means wasted editing.

Skills Evaluation

It can be hard for a new writer to know how advanced he/she is.

Submit a writing sample and we'll give you an idea where your skills are, as well as some thoughts on what you can do to move forward.

More on the writing skills evaluation.

Query/Cover letter help

Ready to query, or send out your manuscript?

We're here if you'd like to run that letter by us first. Or we can help you figure out what you need to say.

More on children's book query/cover letter services.


Have you already published or self published? Are you looking for a reputable review? You'll want to learn about Best Children's Books' paid review service, An Honest Read.

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Web Help

Want to find your own audience writing on the web? Or wondering why an existing website isn't bringing the traffic you'd hoped? I can help. Best Children's Books has received millions of visitors in its short existence.

More on finding an internet audience for your work.

Every piece of writing is unique and therefore needs a different kind of tending to; that's why you won't find firm quotes here for our various editorial services. Use the form at the bottom of this page to request a quote or simply to let us know of your interest in getting some author help. We'll get back to you promptly!


(Our most unique and most popular service. Read what our delighted customers have to say.)

A critique is constructive feedback on your work, intended to help you move forward. Points covered will include:

  • Feedback on elements of fiction: plot, setting, character development, etc.
  • Feedback on coherence and cohesiveness.
  • Feedback on organization/structure.

Translation: BCB Editorial Services will pinpoint weaknesses in your storytelling.

Critiques do not include editing or proofreading, though they will include comment on the overall quality of grammar, spelling, clarity, sentence structure, etc.

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Copyediting and Proofreading

If your work is near perfect, you'll pay less. If it's a mess, we'll tell you it's a mess before we spend all your money! If you want help with rewriting, we can do that, too, for the right price.

We will need to see your work in its entirety in order to provide you a quote.

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Do ask yourself though if your own technical writing skills are what they should be. (There's only so much we can do for prose that's a mess!) You might want to read a book we recommend: Get Your Writing Fighting Fit.

Writing Skills Evaluation

It's hard to write in a vacuum! Friends and family are hardly critics.

If you want to know where you stand with your writing, BCB Editorial Services can give you the lowdown, complete with advice on what you should work on and where to get help. (Books, websites, etc.)

Our Writing Skills Evaluation is for those who see themselves as new or beginning writers...a friendly mini-critique intended to let you know where your skills stand. You'll be given feedback on

  • Writing skills (grammar, spelling, clarity, sentence structure)
  • Storytelling skills (organization, elements of fiction)

Your work needn't be aimed at children. For the writing skills evaluation, we recommend you submit shorter length works. We'll figure out pretty quickly where your writing needs help!

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Query/Cover Letter Help

A query letter asks a publisher or publication to agree to consider a manuscript; a cover letter accompanies a manuscript. One determines whether your manuscript will be read, the other sets the tone for a reading. What could be more important?

Best Children's Books Editorial Services can critique queries and covers or help you write them. Contact us!

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Paid Review Service

Is your book about to be published (or self published), or has it been already? We've reviewed hundreds of books on this site. (And very often our visitors click straight from those reviews to Amazon to purchase!) Our review service is called An Honest Read.

Visit our paid children's book reviews page.

Website Help

The Web works in mysterious ways! A website can be a tool to drive traffic to your book, it can be a sign on the information superhighway pointing to your services, or it can be a small business in and of itself. If you're depending on the search engines to send you free visitors,but you don't know what it takes to get them to rank you highly, you're flying blind.

Tell me what you want from a site and I can give you an idea what it'll take to get there.

  • The bad news: it'll be hard work.
  • The good news: the hard work involves writing...and you're a writer!

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Tell us what you need!

Use the form below to let us know what Best Children's Books Editorial Services can do for you.

Please note: Our preferred file format is Microsoft Word (.doc)

Word allows us to use the terrific Track Changes function, the best way to eyeball your original work overlaid with our edits and comments.

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